Spent the entire weekend (listening time, that is) enjoying 10 XRCDs I just purchased. (Bill Evans, Miles, Ray Bryant, Ella, Terry Evans and Art Tatum.) Unbelievable! I've often said, how wonderful it would have been if we had the technology, 50 years back, to record the greats. OK, they (XRs) are, still, not like today's stuff, but, man, it's the BEST I've ever heard these guys sound on Cd. Intimate, sweet on top, Sax never sounded better. Paul Motian's drum--forgeddabout it. You know all the lingo. Words just cannot do what a simple audition will do. I highly recommend checking out these babies. I'm doing another 10 as soon as my wife gets over the 10 I just bought. peace, warren
Where did you get them from?
Yeah, I love those JVC XRCD2s too. Pretty darn amazing. Recently, I purchased a Pioneer DV45 and some SACDs that duplicate some of my XRCDs, so that will be an interesting and fun comparison.
The ones I have (3) are very very good indeed. Their cost is another issue in the Great White North. Try $68.95 plus 15% sales tax. Ouch.
I got them on line from JVC's website. Their entire catalog can be read. They have enough titles, for now, to keep me happy. I'm sure more are on the way. Do "google" with "xrcd" and the website will be the first thing you see. I'm at work, now, so I can't give you the exact website, but what I gave you, will do. Click on: you there. Then order, and you're really there. These are, truly, quite amazing. Happy listening..
Warren, if you don't have it you must get the Sarah Vaughn "Send in the Clowns" with The Count Basie Orchestra. Great performance along with sonics.
I first found out about these JVC XRCDs two years ago when Chet Atkins In Hollywood was finally released on CD. The people at JVC were very helpful when I asked them why this CD didn't soind like the same recording session as the LP my father owns from the early 1960's. After some research, they informed me that there was actually a previous 1957 recording of the same LP and that the XRCD was a release of this earlier session.

Other places to buy them are




Since then I've purchased other releases by Jacintha, Wes Montgomery, Sarah Vaughn and John Coltrane. They're amazingly realistic sounding for recordings made forty years ago.
There is currently a sale going on a Music Direct www.amusicdirect.com, certain titles can be had for $100 for 5 XRCDs. Some excellent choices available.
Yeah those XRCD's are really very good sounding I must say. I got only one Tiger Okoshi-Two sides to every story. The dynamics are just amazing.

Warren, has your wife calmed down?

I intend to get some more soon, will have to checkout their website for sure!

Happy listening everyone!

XRCD's are the savior for CD's,they are some of the best and most musical sounding examples of what CD's souuld have been all along. They are a little expensive but well worth it, I own about 15 and enjoy every one of them.
I've got Sara Vaughan on XRCD, but not the one you're talking about. You can never go wrong with Sara. Ella with Joe Pass is unbelievable. As intimate as you'll ever hear on anything. Guitar and Ella. Gorgeous. I'm going to amusicdirect.com to see what's going on with the xrcds. $20 apiece is the way to go.
Warren; In addition to Jacintha's "Autumn Leaves" XRCD, I really like Robert Lucas "Luke and the Locomotives"-- hard driving blues and blues/rock w/ some excellent slide guitar. This was a Stereophile recommended XRCD a few years ago. Cheers. Craig
Cajunhorn, can't find the sale on their site.
Warren, every one of the XRCDs I have listened to sound wonderful. I own the Chet Atkins "Live in Hollywood" on excellent 180 gram vinyl and also on XRCD. It's probably the first time I can ever say that I enjoy the CD version more.

This just goes to show you what the CD manufacturers can do when they put their minds to it.
You have to call them and they will fax you the list of XRs on sale. It's a very limited amount--slim pickins. They don't have the info on their site. Ed, that's good to hear from a Vinylman, about the xrcds. These xrcds are a good thing.
I have a bunch of the Bill Evans XRCDs...all are fantastic sounding and, of course, brilliant music. Waltz For Debby and Sunday at the Village VAnguard...I am amazed at what was on the master tapes waiting to be heard. Scott La Faro's bass sounds shockingly present. I also really love the Bill Evans and Tony Bennett album.

Has anyone here compared an XRCD to one of the recent Fantasy K2 releases, which have the same mastering but different manufacturing process?
OK, I'll bite. Just ordered Sarah Vaughan's "Send in the Clowns." After that, what are the next two I should purchase? One classical, one jazz. Joel
My favorite XRCD's are Mighty Sam McClain give it up to love Crank it up and stand back ! and dont forget the MFSL cd's !
Can't help you with classical, but you will not go wrong with Bill Evans Waltz for Debbie, Portrait of Jazz, or Sunday at the Village Vanguard. 3 classics. Trio jazz at it's consummate best. Scott Lafaro was a monster. What a loss. (22 years old-killed in a car accident) peace, warren
You might have to call them for the sale, it was in mailer that I received.
Hi Joel, If you would like to try a classical piece on XRCD, and of course you like the piece, I can highly recommend "Scheherazade, Op.33" (JMCXR-0015). Fritz Reiner conducting the Chicago Symphony, Sidney Hearth, violin. A truly compelling performance, excellent dynamics and overall, a pretty damn good recording for 1960.

For jazz, I could suggest Bill Evans, "Portrait In Jazz", also on XRCD (VICJ-60139) or, in the realm of contemporary jazz, Tom Coster, "From The Street" (JVCXR-0010-2).

Well, I think I've spent just about enough of your money. Enjoy!
Are XRCDs available in stores? Who carries them?
Towers, Amazon, JVC has a site of its own and, has mentioned above, musicdirect has a sale on a limited number of titles 5 for $100.00. Just ordered my five yesterday.