What are the differences between XRCDs?

I own about 30 of these babies. All in very heavy beautiful card board jewel cases. I see so many xrcds in plastic jewel cases: Japan, China, Hong Kong? I don't understand. Some of my xrcds are selling for $150 and some are selling as low as $20. Most of them, however, are all in the $100 range plus or minus $30. What gives? thanks in advance
I'd be afraid some of those are counterfeit and really aren't to the xrcd quality...
There are XRCD and SHM XRCD variants pressed in Japan but usually for the Asian market. Some of them are very good.

My SHM XRCD2 of Hell Freezes Over is the best one yet
what is "shm?"


Here you go:



You are familiar with the Blu-Spec CDs, aren't you?


Thanks, but not a soul comapares the sound quality to an XRCD. The xrcd is a cd that get as close to analog that I have ever heard. SACD lags far behind the analog sound of the xrcd; at least in my listening experience.

There's one little problem: how many XRCDs are there?

There's a whole lot of SHM-CDs out there, I believe more than 3300, and they definitely sound better than their regular CD counterparts.

I will agree with you, my "Brothers In Arms" XRCD sounds better than the SHM-CD.

You might be able to hear the differences better if you still had your Caravelles ( just messin' with ya ).

..lol .If I were still in my previous crib or moved to 8’ ceilings and walls I would still be listening to the Caravelles. Best monitor I have heard first hand. Now, 12 foot ceilings and an open floor plan require a speaker to move more air. A lot more air. I’m going to check out the cds. You are right on the xrcds, though. A crying shame there are so few. That’s why they are worth so much, I suppose. Sweetest thing on a cd.
SHM uses the original master, only the material used is different/better.

So my Eagles Hell Freezes Over US press < SHM version

K2/XRCD involve remastering so IMHO the remastering accounts for why K2/XRCDs sounds better than the standard master (used in regular press or SHM).

But there are now SHM XRCDs that have the best of both worlds.

ps there is a new K2 Direct Cut that is even more impressive than K2/XR but limited to Asian titles for the HK market.
Here's another good source:
Gold CDs mast be the best of the bunch.
The 1st generation XRCD (made in Japan) are out-of-print OOP.
Sure, you can find them on eBay or Amazon.

The newer variants are XRCD2 and XRCD SHM...etc.

Happy Listening!
I listened to my K2HD Hell Freezes Over last night, very impressive sound quality for a CD.
Also own the K2HD version of Kind of Blue. Of all the versions I've owned this version is the very best, highly recommended!
I own many XRCD, XRCD2 and XRCD24s. They do not all sound excellent. The fact that a CD is a XRCD does not necessarily guarantee superb sonics. If anyone thinks that, they are mistaken. However many do sound excellent, in fact probably most, but not every single one.