JVC XRCDs -- your experience?

Recently picked up my first JVC XRCD title, Sara K's "Hell or High Water." The sound is stunning, though I must say that I have found her regular redbook CD recordings (on Chesky) to also be very good. So, my question is, what do other Audiogoners think of the XRCD format? Also, any recommendations for other great recordings in that format (especially in acoustic-based jazz and female vocalist recordings)?

Thanks and Happy Listening!
I really like all of my XRCDs, and do, think they are better. More detail and better dynamics than standard redbook etc. I think they would all be good the samplers are great fun. Your taste will have to guide your selection.
I really like all of my XRCDs and do think they are better. More detail and better dynamics than standard redbook.
I've listened to Count Basie "88 Basie Street" On XRCD and I was very impressed. Much more depth in the stage. It was as good as most vinyl I've heard.
I hope you are aware that JVC engineers really go through a very systematic and careful way to engineer these CDs. I have read elsewhere that 99% of the CDs on the market are not mastered so carefully and hence do not sound as good. XRCD is not a different format. It is the way the CD is mastered. And JVC does a great job at that. I am not surprised that you like your XRCD. Enjoy your music.
You have to be careful. They do not always get the original masters. I also found some XRCDs to be on the brite side. Then tere is the cost issue
Ahendler- which ones are 'bright' or, to be avoided?
My favorite .......... Steamin with Miles Davis. Excellent
I would say that some of the remastered RCA Living presence classical recordings can be on the bright side. I feel that RCA's own remastered SACD's of these recordings are better. Sorry I don't have access to titles right now
Excellent cd's. They have less edge than typical cd's. More analog like. If all my cd's were XRCD, I would listen less to vinyl. May sound like heresy, but it is closer to vinyl (good vinyl)and not all vinyl is great.
I love my XRCDs. If you're looking for jazz, there are lots of choices. I'd personally start with Bill Evans' Waltz for Debby and/or Sunday at the Village Vanguard.
I have many XRCD's and they are significantly better than standard masters, much closer to and some equal to 24/96 sound quality.

Some favorites in my catalog:

Boss Tenor [XRCD] (1960) by Gene Ammons
Cookin' with the Miles Davis Quintet (XRCD) (1956) by Miles Davis
Way Out West [XRCD24] (1957) by Sonny Rollins
Black Pearls (XRCD) (1958) by John Coltrane
Stan Getz With Cal Tjader [XRCD2] (1958) by Stan Getz
Flamenco Passion (XRCD) by Gino D'Auri
In Japan (XRCD24) Sonny Rollins
Portrait in Jazz (XRCD) (1959) by Bill Evans Trio
Forgot a real favorite...

The Kerry Dancers (1962) by Johnny Griffin Quartet (XRCD)
A mixed bag for me. Beethoven 6 and 3 sound terrible. The three Coltrane xrcd's I have sound great. And the price IS high.
Thanks to everyone for the suggestions. And, Milpai, thanks for the explanation -- I knew I was getting sloppy in my terminology by referring to XRCD as a different format.
You are welcome Dawgfish.