Experience with XRCDs

Does anyone have experience or opinions on the JVC XRC process. I researched Audiogon and found a lot of older posts, but because I’m new to XRCDs I thought this may be a good topic. I bought an XRCD just to see how they sound, Aaron Neville “Warm Your Heart.”  All I can say is WOW! The recording is smooth, clear and detailed, lots of bass..I’m so impressed because I’m a SACD collector and all I can say is that SACDs sound a touch thinner, not in a bad way. The XRCD however is polished, full, with a clarity thats just well “wonderful “. What are your thoughts? Is this an attribute of XRCDs in general or just the album in general. Thanks for sharing. 


I own SHM-CD’s and Blu-Spec 1&2 which conform to the Redbook standard. The SQ of these disc are based on the quality of the original master. Some SHM-CDs sound excellent as does a well mastered Redbook CD, so it’s hit or miss.

XRCD is completely different. Yes, the quality of the original master is important, but this is a different technology used to produce a Redbook CD. The SQ is outstanding, clarity is a good term to describe it. I can become immersed in the music, more than when listening to the original CD.

I was expecting prices to come down, but they’re still expensive.


Have several, XRCD and XRCD 2, the sound quality is excellent.

"I was expecting prices to come down, but they’re still expensive."  Agreed, even worse when you convert to Canadian .

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Not sure if they are still manufactured?

XRCDs just keep getting pricier.

Makes SACD sound like a transistor radio.

Want a XRCD that'll blow your mind? Get the Sheffield "Track and Drum" recording. That is if you can find one.


All great information, and a nice update. Thanks to all, @fuzztone great article and analogy, @whipsaw I ordered Hank Moble@chorus I just found out that elusive disc took over JVCs XRCD operations, so they are still available new. Also @mr_m I’m looking for the drum and tack Xrcd, have only found it in regular cd.