XLR to RCA adaptors

I have xlr interconnects and really do not want to sell them to purchase rca. Will using adaptors hurt the sound quality? My CD player has xlr and the amp I am buying does not. Thanks in advance.

Is you CDP truely balanced? If not then not much lost. If you have a balanced CDP, why would you not buy a balanced amp?
I've had to do this a couple of times and didn't hear any difference at all. I use the Cardas adapters.
Be very careful as not everyone respects the norm of pin 2 as + and if they do not an adapter could cause damage by tying the ground to the wrong (hot) pin.
I have been referred to DIYcables and they show how to make an interconnect rather than using an adapter, so you dould customize a cable for your needs and avoid 2 unnecessary connections.
As addition to Mofi's advice take a look at the new Clear series Cardas adapters. Sometimes audio is just too sexy!
I've also used Cardas adapters with good results and no noticeable degradation in sonics.
Thanks guys.

Who has a good price on these adaptors or does anyone have any they want to let go?

One of two ways http://www.mediacollege.com/audio/connection/xlr-rca-1.html

As Oldears says check how the XLR is wired, but likely all is okay as pretty standard stuff.

Made mine with Neutrik XLR (silver contacts)> AN silver litz cable > Cardas RCA female connectors, worked fine with Reimyo CDP-777 & Magnum Dynalab 108T to Kondo preamp.