2 banana plugs to one banana plug adaptors?

I am running two pairs of LAT International speaker cables to my Paradigm Reference Studio/100 v.2 loudspeakers.One pair goes to the bass posts on the speakers, the other pair goes to the mid/treble posts[bi-wired].The cables are terminated on all ends with locking banana plugs.I was using an amplifier that was bi-wire ready[two pairs of binding posts per side].Problem is, I am buying an amp that has only one pair of posts per side.I still want to bi-wire my speakers, and I don't want to cut off any of the bananas on the amp end of the cables.Are there any adaptors out there that will accept two sets of banana plugs,and have only one plug going into the amplifier binding post?If not,what other options do I have?
I wouldn't think you would have a good connection anyway buy doing so with another adapter.I would actually consider going to a local hi fi shop and have one good conection made for the proper connection. I you can't afford that I would go bare wire . If you like it bare wire, at a latter date have single connection of your choice made.
Hi, You could use WBT 0645 angle bannana's. They are easy to install and allow a second bannana to be pluged into the the rear of the of the first one. They lock very tightly with one hand. Also the are insulated and will not short out to each other in tight areas. Parts Express has them at good prices. Hope this was helpfull and good luck. OBTW they sound pretty nice also.