WOW, check out these BW Nautilus clone speakers.
I cant quite tell but, that looks like a Vifa Ring radiator tweeter, which is ultra-expensive. Along with Seas mid and woof. Very neat looking. I assume the math is a nightmare to get right on those enclosures.
there has to be a point where its no longer considered within the realm of DIY.

and its considered professionally manufactured.
Kinda like going from amateur to pro status...I think this guy has achieved that level...

To me the term DIY implies less than professional.
They look incredible. Who built them?
Its a ScanSpeak ring radioator.
I think some of the process can be seen here:
I was two for two yesterday. Wrote Vifa, was Scan Speak. I also got horizontal and vertical bi-amping bass ackwards as well. Sheeesh.

Those pics are pretty awesome, thanks Bambadoo.
Anything is doable, that is why B&W makes the original Nautilus, if someone conceived it and perfected it for marketing, than it can be done, at least aesthetically...soundwise, it might be different thinking about all the equipment that B&W possesses...didn't the original have 4 drivers? I cannot recal. Tremendous cabinet work, but as I said, it is doable, not anyone regular like me....maybe the guy is an artist by craft, maybe a sculptor. Can we think about molding plaster into shape? I wonder what is it made of. I think the B&W was made of a synthetic compound, this was definetly molded with some sort of material. Looking good, really good.

PS: Not a CLONE....if it is it should use the exact drivers, weight and sound the same, but this is not the case. It is a pseudo Nautilus at best.
More pics of these BW Nautilus clones. Check out these pics. Also check out the DIY speakers at the bottom he built. That rack he built looks incredible to.