Pass Labs Aleph 3 vs Aleph-3 Clone

Hi All,
I had a Pass Labs Aleph-3 a few years ago which I sold when I bought some speakers that needed real muscle.
I now have speakers that would work well with 30 wpc.
Im wondering if anyone has heard the Pass Aleph and the clone version,and your opinions on differences.
hey dave,
try contacting member RAWSONTE. AFAIK, he builds a wide variety of SS amps, including aleph, and aleph-j clones. he may be able to answer your questions himself, or perhaps refer you to a customer or two.
What, clones? Now we have counterfeits in the high end audio as well?

Sorry, couldn't resist. ;-) I was just watching a news clip where they were hosting this global summit on counterfeits, and they were displaying all types of counterfeits, including a Ferrari. I thought Pass Aleph designs were patented?

Here's an entire forum full of folks building Pass clones. Ask them.