Would classic klipsch work here?

I'm going to be getting a Denon AVR 1708, and of course quality cables and what not. The thing is I don't know what speakers I should get. I was thinking a lot the lines of Klispch Cornwalls or Heresys, but their a tad expensive, and I'm not sure if they're what I'm looking for. What I need is a speeker, that sounds good with louder music, like hard rock and metal (I listen primarily to bands like System of a down, Children of Bodom, Slipknot, etc.), and it needs to sound good at high and low volumes. So should I just get more money and get cornwalls, or would you recommend something else?
Find a good condition pair of Klipsch Forte2 speakers.. ( $500-$700 depending on cond. ) Easy to drive,exc.bass,and play loud..Throw in some Paul Speltz "Anti Cables" ( very good match with Klipsch ) and you in business....For very little money to boot!
From what I've read, the Forte2's are the way to go.

Also go to Best Buy and check out a few models in the newer Klipsch reference series. The smaller bookshelves (much smaller than Klipsch legacy) start at about 300 a pair and sounded pretty good when I heard them.
I'd recommend that you investigate inexpensive tubed integrated amplifiers if you are interested in a pair of Klipsch Heritage series speakers. I don't own the newer series, but do have Klipsch Chorus and Quartet speakers in my home and they have both sounded at their best with my EL84 amplifier. Better than with any of the receivers that I have borrowed from friends. For a specifiec recommendation, try a JoLida JD-102B.
I second the suggestion to think about using a tube integrated. I have a pair of classic Cornwalls that sound great with a Dynaco SCA-35.
Cornwalls are the best bet for price and performance.
While I don't own a pair of Cornwall's, I do own a pair of Chorus II's and they are great for rockin' out. You should also consider the KLF (20 or 30). The KLF Legend series was their best rock n' roll speaker IMHO. As the others have mentioned Forte's and the smaller Quartet's. Much of this will be driven by your budget and room size. Definitely go the extra mile and get the best speaker up front so you don't have to trade up later on.

Also, as was mentioned before, couple the Klipsch speakers with a nice integrated tube amp (vintage or current) and be ready for some incredible music. Lastly, after you've spent some time with them, upgrade the xover networks with better parts. You'll be amazed at the difference in sound, a substantial improvement.
Does anyone recomend me anything other than vintage klipsch? I like klipsch mainly because they're really dynamic and have a good rep. Are there any speakers similar to cornwalls or la scalas that would offer the same performance and volume for cheaper?
I would not buy anything made in the 90s and later. As mentioned above you can get Forte's very reasonably priced on ebay. Very good speaker.
Wireless, why 90's or newer? Is it the age (not a problem) or the new design midrange horn in teh Forte and Chorous?

If it is teh age, a simple replacement of crossover caps is all that it takes. I have had severla pairs of Klispch speakers and they were all early 80's and older. No problems at all with the age.
Also something to add, I'm 16, so these will being my bedroom, which is the size of a small dorm. Then afterwords I'll be going to collage, living in a real door, then once I graduate I'll probably live in a apartment, until I actually made enough money for something bigger, at which time I will probably have the money for newer, bigger speakers. So Which would sound the best, without overpowering a dorm sized room?
Go to Best Buy and listen to a pair of Klipsch RB-51s or something similar before you do anything else. They are not too expensive, very compact to match your quarters, and sound very good.
Wireless, why 90's or newer? Is it the age (not a problem) or the new design midrange horn in teh Forte and Chorous?

Tigerwoodkhorns, I'm saying buy Klipsch that were made before the 90s. I'm a Klipsch fan and bought several of their reference systems of the 90s and 2000s. I didn't care for them. They compromised in every way. You can take one look at the cabinents and see it. I like the heritage and some of the 80s stuff. I've owned about 5 pair of Klispch. Didn't like anything by I purchased in the last 18 years. Personally I think they sound good stock. You just have to watch the amp and source.