Magnetar UDP800 as an Oppo Clone: Would Its Mother Recognize It?

When I finally broke down and decided to buy a 4K DVD player, I discovered to my chagrin that Oppo had discontinued its DVD line while I wasn't paying attention. As an alternative I bought the Panasonic UB9000. While it works fine when it works, it is the glitchiest thing I've ever gotten in this price range. It will outright refuse to play discs, most really the Criterion Collection disc of Three Outlaw Samurai, I had only played it once, flawlessly, on my old Oppo 103 but the Panasonic said it wasn't a playable format. Overall it seems to lack the elegance and solidity of the Oppo, and it has the feel of something that is poorly engineered. The hell of it is that it's modified to be region-free, and I have no idea whether the infelicities are the result of the modding (I had a region-free dongle on my Oppo, and I never had trouble with that.) 

Now, I've been hearing about this Oppo clone, the Magnetar UDP800, which is copied down to licensing the original software, and I wondered if anyone can tell me if it's a reasonable facsimile of a 203/205. I would certainly be willing send my money overseas if it would bring back the lost paradise, but I'd like to hear from people who've been there first. Could anyone tell me about their experiences with the Magnetar?