Women who enjoy quality speakers

In my former marriage i was introduced to high end audio by my husband.

At the time the endless visits to highend shows , meetings and shops annoyed me. Tech talk and not very female friendly designs came and went in my living room.

And although i couldnt get used to all of the above, one thing i learned , how to listen.

Now years further , in my second marriage quality audio wasnt a very well know topic of my husband working in tech. Mediocre cheaper hifi dominated the house, which looked even worse and sounded even a lot worse.

When we talked about new speakers and bang and olufsen was mentioned i knew i had to educate him , to let him know whats on the market and how things can sound.

The revelation ended in buying avalon speakers and simular quality equipement and cables.

Now its up and running i really enjoy music again!

Who would have thought that!

I have never seen a lot of other women enthousiastic about quality sound and music. Are there any in this group? Do your wifes experience the same as i did?

Wishing you all a very musical festive season,

A very happy wife,


@audiokinesis , isn't it great to have an 'in-house' QC? ;)

Spouse is awaiting a pair of 'semi-sorta SOTA' monitors for her desktop, as 'in-monitor' pairs on dual screens are laughable @ best....

We have different 'preferences', but music is a common ground in our lives.  She likes her equipment a bit more 'plug 'n play', whereas I can complicate a paper clip when left alone..

....but if it doesn't sound Good....

"OK, what's next?" *G*
do you guys like to DANCE together?

Not us. Tried, can't - somebody has to be first percentile.
I’m a relatively new member her, a year or so maybe, but I recall a member, Elizabeth, who was a frequent poster here. She was waaaaaay into hi-fi. Knew her stuff. Knew what she liked.....but was also in constant pursuit of that last tiny incremental improvement.

Is Elizabeth still active here?
The 'Elizabeth Question' was posed not long ago, a previous related thread....no answers then, only rumours.

Has this changed....?
"Is Elizabeth still active here?"

No, at least not under that same name it seems.