Wolcott Presence 220M system compatiblity?

I am considering the big change from solid state to tube amplification. I do have some concern as my speakers, Vienna Acoustics Mahlers, require an amp with much control in the bass. I am currently running Bryston 7BST mono's and bass control is obviously not an issue. From the reviews I have read the Wolcott may be my answer. The Mahler is rated at 90db sensitivity with an average impedance of 6 ohms. It does go below 3 ohms in the lower regions. I would like input from others as to the compatibilty of the Wolcott with my speakers. I would also be interested if anyone knows of a more appropriate amp than the Wolcott.

The rest of my system:

Hovland HP100 w/MC
Sonic Frontiers SFT1/SFD2MK11 Digital
VPI HW19IV / Kusma stogi reference/ Grado Statement
Acoustic Zen sliver reference interconnects
Wireworld gold eclipse111 speaker cable
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I don't know about your speakers but I listened to them 2.5 hours last night driving Sound Labs U-1. If it can drive that electrostatic it can drive anything. It was very impressive.
From a very reliable source I am told the Wolcott's are amazing on electrostat's and planer speakers but just don't do an exceptional job on dynamic speakers. The idea is great they are incredible amps but work much better on non-cone type speakers. ~Tim
Two of the guys in my audio group got their Wolcotts through me. They replaced their amps after hearing mine. (On Soundlab). However, they are both driving cone speakers:

B&W 800 (Wolcott replaced his Krell mono blocks).

Vandersteen 5's (Wolcott replaced his McCormack Signature series mono blocks).

The Wolcott was sufficiently better that out of the box and not broken in, both guys decided to dispose of their ( previous ) reference amps.
That's interesting Albert perhaps I was misinformed. I believe the speakers were Avalon Eidolon's and it had bass problems, I'll try to get all of the facts(as they are presented to me) together and let you know what comes of it- more then likely I misunderstood what was being told to me.
I have no experience with Wolcott on Eidolons, but the outcome of that could be completely different than on the two systems I heard.
The Wolcott's will drive anything you throw at them. We had them driving a pair of Innersound EROS with ease.

...and oh yeah, Henry is a really nice man :)

I happened to try the amps, upon Albert and Duke's suggestion. At the time I had a pair of Wilson MAXX's here and I was so disappointed. There was absolutely no focus and no bass. With all the respect I have for Albert and Duke, I decided to bring them to a friend's house who had a pair of Maggies. On the ribbons, it was a TOTALLY different story. I have not heard better focus and dynamics on Magnepans than with the Wolcotts. The bass was also world class.

The one thing the Wolcotts did extremely well with the MAXX's was width of stage. It was very impressive, but zero focus.

Call Duke at AudioKinesis, maybe he will let you audition a pair.
I am not that familiar with the Wilson Maxx but would think that the speaker would be quite demanding of amplification. The B&W's 800 line can be pretty demanding as well. The specs on the Mahler are similar to the B&W803 as far as sensitivity and speaker impedance. There may be no clear answer without trying them.
You have to remember that you are not just "auditioning" the amps, it is the combination of everything else in the system to give the results. I would be careful of considering what happened in different setups to base your opinion. If you are going to spend that kind of money, you need to see how it fits in YOUR setup, period.
my 2 cents,
I had the Wolcotts with the Dunlavy V's and after a period of time the sound was fatigueing. The midbass was also lacking. I replaced the Wolcotts with Aloia amps. A much improved quality of sound and control
The sound of the Wolcotts is much effected by the choice of tubes, isolation (electrical and mechsanical) and the new transformers. The ability to change tubes provides a real ability to fine tune the unit to a particular speaker/system. You may have quit too soon.
Angela,I know this is an old post.I also know most everybody knows what you refer to. I guess it is how you put it that fit the moment. Just the right words to describe. Less is more / nobody said it better!!--Least not here. Good fer you babe!
thanks for the pat on the..... er .......... head, my friend :)
How the heck are you anyway? Drop me some email sometime and catch up, would ya

i think the only way to find out is to try it out. I had my Mahlers driven by a BAT VK60 and it kept blowing fuses because it could not deliver the current needed when low frequencies and high volumes were needed, due to the fact that at certain low frequencies the impedance went down below 3 Ohms.

I have since changed the amp to a BAT VK500 solid state and now everything is fine.

If you want the "warmth" of tube sound, a tube preamp would be a better way to go.
The wolcotts are a very over rated piece of equipment. I ve
heard them many times on many diff. speakers and always very dissapointed. Try the Papsworth M200,s
If your going to brag about them you should spell their name correctly.

It's PAPWORTH and they are manufactured in England.

Also, according to one price guide on the internet, they sell for 25,939.50 USD. That's more than double the Wolcotts, more in the VTL 750 category.
Your correct Mr Porter. I have always reff. to them as papsworth. But your price quote is also wrong. They sell for around $10.000 new , 4500-6000 USED. i SOLD MINE 4 months ago for $6000. And well put your Wolcotts to shame on any speaker u choose to compare with.
Then why would you sell them?

Too bad you disposed of them. I would really like to see them put Wolcott "to shame" on U-1 Soundlabs. Particularly since Papworth has less power, bandwidth and headroom.
well Mr.Porter u should know better then anyone stats mean almost nothing in this hobby. How many amps have u gone thru in your years. I sold mine because I now live in the Philiphines which is 220v. and no longer have the room for a large system.And your right I,m sad I sold them. But I have heard both U have not, enough said ha .

Guess it's good I did not.

Now if you had said: Nanny Nanny Boo Boo, I would have been humiliated and forced to respect you.
Shame on you Mr. Porter for picking on this fella, you could learn a lot about class from a man like that! ..... well may be not ;)
Skaudio1,looks like this is your first thread that you have responded to and after reading your post you should keep it that way. Oh yea ,HA
Ive responded to many threads here over many years with diff. usernames. I simply stated my opinion on the wolcotts which pissed u guys off. Mr. Porter started this or cant any of u read. I see nothing changed with most of u.
By the way Porter how many amps have u gone thru. Frogot about that , how convienent