Wisdom Audio Adrenaline 75 dipoles?


Has anyone heard these speakers before? I am buying a pair
Is it a speaker of a lifetime?

Any opinions (from someone who has actually heard them) would be GREATLY appreciated about now.

Why would you but these 15K speakers unheard?? Just because Harry Pearson likes them??
Hey, got another spare 15 grand to spend?...I got a bridge you might want to buy, sight unseen!
Well, lets see, everyone has a pair, I guess I could run across the street and give them a listen before I decide
you geek.
Who said I paid 15K, why don't you go jump off that bridge
you have for sell.

Are these alway's the type of replies you get when you really need some good advise?

Hi Telescope, I have heard these speakers twice. I have no more than maybe 4 hours of listening time so my comments may not be accurate. Some of the Best bass I have heard. From the lower mids on up they sounded very musical, warm, and liquid. Colorations were on the euphonic side of accurate. This system had all Goldmund top of the line gear. I enjoyed the sound very much but at times it did sound a touch lazy or a little slow. This could be attributed to the electronics, room or set up. I thought this speaker had tremendous potential. Please remember I spent very little time with this system and my comments may not reflect the sound of this speaker. I hope things work out for you. Do not let the first reply get you upset. 99% of Audiogon's members love to give help. You just happen to get a reply from that 1%. Best of luck to you. I think you might have picked a winner.
Thanks Brulee, Just the kind of info I am looking for.

Anyone else? :o)

I have heard the current production monopole Wisdom Audio systems, which use basically the same driver as the older dipole Adrenaline system. I was considering adding Wisdom Audio to my line (I'm a dealer). But I heard the same thing Brulee did - the sound was slow, and the top end was lifeless. The electronics I heard the speaker with were first class. I think the problem is this - the Bohlender-Graebner ribbons in the Wisdom Audio speakers are able to go down to 125 Hz, which is quite impressive, but also means they have to be made quite rugged. The strong, rugged diaphragms trade off a bit of top end. This is perhaps a reasonable design choice, but not one I could endorse. I did not pursue becoming a Wisdom Audio dealer.

Thanks for your reply, I may have to do more research, and
Talk to Tom about that.
Do you think it's possible that the planars were not broken in all the
way, or that the electronic x-over was not set up properly
or was all of that addressed at the time you heard them?
as far as you know.
Please feel free to e-mail me if you have any further
suggestions, so we do not get a tech talk going on this
thread. Or send for my # if you have some better speaker
suggestions, such as oh...I dunno some Sound Labs maybe?? :o)


I heard the Adrenaline when the inventer brought them by to our audio club a couple years ago. I felt they were good speakers, but have heard many as good or better in the same price range. My experience was in a room of other people, so it wasn't ideal. I had my bass demo disk of the time, Siris' Svale Band "blackbird", track 2 "love for sale" I found the bass to be slow and uninvolving, just the opossite of the others. This disk has two stand up bass players and track 2 is very fast and low. I sure would proceed slowly, and my opinion, I would not buy these speakers for myself after hearing them, so I would have a hard time recommending them to you.
Thanks to all of you, I will reconsider for sure. Based
upon what I have heard I think a drive would be in order
before I plunk down the cash.

That is exactly what I needed to know, as it is not always
feasable to hear before you buy.

Do any of you that have heard the more high end stuff have
any suggestions for a speaker $11k and under that will fill
a 20x20x12 room with beautiful life like sound?? Help me
spend some money! :o)

Used speakers that fit in that range are fine also.

ML Prodigy's
sound Labs
Dunlavy SC-V????? ETC...ETC...

hey bob, take a look at von schweikert. for the money they're supposed to be incredible--reference quality (the 6 is in your price range). i have NOT heard them, but i have looked and have yet to find anyone who says anything bad about them. ---and if you ever need to sell another bag end...:-)
rhyno (in houston)
Hi again Bob, If I had a room your size the choice would be an easy one. Soundlab.
I too just bought a pair of dipoles. I listened to the quie a lot. They were driven by Jeff Rowland amps/pre and an Oracle cdp. They sound absolutely amazing. Their spacial recreation of recorded music makes you feel like the artist is truly there. My recording of Rob Wasserman and Cheryl Bentyne performing Angel Eyes revealed areas of the music that I had never heard before and words that I thought were just sounds.
I'd have to second Brulee's recomendation I have a room of similar size to your own and the Soundlab A-1's sound great. Good luck, you're in a good price range to buy something excellent.
for 20-25% of the money, ya mite wanna czech out the newforM research r645's, (or the nhb645's, especially if ya run subwoofers). see their www, & the reviews on audioreview.com. 30-day in-home trial - yure only out shipping if they don't do it for ya. i'm saving for these...
i have heard these speakers a few times at a local dealer and was mostly impressed. set-up was inconsistent. i am used to dynamic speakers so they sounded slightly washed out to me. but i think that is my listening biases coming thru. one problem was that they were always tinkering with the crossover and they never were fully satisfied with it. that would frustrate me but someone else might love to tinker. they clearly have great potential and your room has the size to let them breathe. good luck.

mike lavigne
Thanks again to all for the post's from everyone, I have a
lot of thinking to do.
I have not ruled out the Wisdoms as I know it takes a ton
of tinkering with a speaker like that.

Sound labs sound good, as well as the Newforms. (I have heard a lot of great reviews from those.)

A store in Bozeman MT had a demo pair of A-1s for sale. $10,500 including shipping in the US. I don't know if they still have them but their number is 406-522-8904. Good luck

Thanks, Worth like checking into!

Hi Bob, I was a dealer for this product for quite some time and still have a set left. They are still the best thing available (imho) especially @ under $15K. They do however take quite a bit of set up and sometimes require resetting the internal switches in the x-over. Mike was probably referring to us as we are always futzing around with the settings. Generally the manufacturer charges a substantial amount to set them up (1 - 2$K). If you do purchase them we have a manual available to guide you through set up. Also be prepared for shipping hassles these units are large and need to be palletized when shipped. Good Luck and enjoy!
Frank Seibel
Hi Frank,

Thanks for the reply, I took the plunge and decided to buy them. I am getting a pretty good deal and they are only
150 miles from me so I amo going to pick them up this weekend.

Tom is even flying in from NV to set them up for me, how is that for service!! :o) Super guy! But he is coming to set
the new ones (M75's monopoles) up for the guy I'm buying the used ones from,
so while in the neighborhood he & the gentleman I'm buying
from are going to drive down and set them up and Tom will fly out from here.

The fellow has to have the newest in order to remain a in
home Rep/Dealer so we all get new toy's.

I'll let you all know how they sound...Just for the record,
I am a little more than nervous, but excited. :o)

Thanks again to all that replied...Stay tuned.