Why so much music for sale?

Sorry, it is a slow day so I thought I'd start another one of those 'why so many XXXXX's for sale?' threads.

This has been a test, if this had been an actual thread you would have been entertained.

Carry on!
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This will never see the light of day, but John yer a dumb#@%! That was the best why so many/much threads I've ever seen!
I like that circa 1970s photo of the Roxy on the cover of that Blue Note Live...LP. Reminds me of what LA/Hollywood was like in the mid '70s right around when Star Wars was first released. It's a different world now.
It's because music has fallen out of favor. I mean, it's so last millenium. Those of us in the know are dumping our music collections in favor of the Next Big Thing:
Music was a bubble. People are realizing that the reality doesn't justify the hype. "A sweet cheat", Joyce called it, and wrote books instead. The Next Big Thing will be chanting rhymes to the accompaniment of rhythm boxes on street corners.
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Music was an old "flavor or the month". Folks are ditching their old music to buy gasoline so they can listen for free on their car radios.....


No doubt, Tvad's verison of Schroedinger's LP!
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I wouldn't mind Sophie Marceau's Greatest...er, either.

Because: "The 'thought' of music will always exceed the experience of music." Chopin

Ok, i just made that up. But it's true, isn't it? Maybe not. But maybe...
Because I'm over music now, it's just me and my steady state tones. It's tough to adjust the volume in this straight jacket though!
Jond may be onto something! Have you heard of the automobile SPL competition where they just play a tone and test for max SPL inside the car? The systems aren't even designed to play music.


Yeah, the kind of contest cars where concrete is poured into their hatch areas to create a solid platform for the woofers.
It's because all anyone cares about anymore is buying their next house, or a better Lexus than their neighbor's. No time for appreciation of beauty- it doesn't make them any money. JUST KIDDING! Kind Of.........................
If as a child your parents had hung you upside down in a straight jacket in a closet in the dark with a transistor radio duct taped to each ear tuned to different stations after giving you LSD coolaid you would not be asking this question.
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THIS Holiday weekend.
11 Of them were from the
2 day sale at Circuit City,
$9.77 each! WOHO!
Music is antique art. Like all art it is a luxury and its resale value goes up.

Hi end equipment, OTOH, is a necessity. So are Porsches & Mercedes.

So, in these dire times, people have to sell their music to finance these bare necessities...
'cause I gotta sell my ceedees to finance my next audio equipment purchase. I only got Jacintha and Eva Cassidy stuff left. Priorities, man, priorities!
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And Elizabeth, you wondered why they wouldn't let you be a candy striper?