Why Does My Attempts To Answer a Post Not Alert The Recipient?

OK, Not music or equip. related, but bothersome. Often I go to answer a post by typing the @ symbol, wherein, a list of people in the thread then show up. However, this is often incomplete and often does not show the intended recipient. I usually make sure the spelling is correct and whether the capital first letter is appropriate. Often it is a small letter which I then type in. I don't remember this problem many years ago as a frequent  poster. Anyone know? Thanks in advance..
Usually when anyone's name is posted they get a message saying "you were mentioned in a discussion". That's just based on experience. The site isn't exactly a paragon of consistency, but the technology on the other hand is right up there with the very best of the 1990's.
The only way it works is if the recipient has checked the "Follow this Discussion" box. Took me a little bit to figure out.
Right up there on the right beside your post it  says "Get notified when someone responds."

I mentioned you in a comment yesterday. Your name never highlights though. Did you get a notice? Just curious. I get notices but not all of them. But you are right about '90's tech.


Right up there on the right beside your post it says "Get notified when someone responds."

Thanks. I do not see that, though I do get notifications. That may be why I don't see it. But there again, I don't get them all. I assume a notice is not sent IF the name does not highlight. But I'm not sure of that.
If the name is not highlighted after the @ then that member will not be notified. I think this is a bug in the software. It's ridiculous to have to hit follow this discussion; by participating in the thread you're automatically following it. This bug has been mentioned to Admin over the years and has never been addressed.

I'm using a mobile device and don't see the Follow This anywhere.

Thanks for all the help. I guess this is what you get for free. I suspect $100 yr will get you more.