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Looking for a DAC under 2k
A bit more analog sounding, under $2k, I recommend checking out the Doge 7 DAC. Has a fully balanced, beefy tube output stage. Really fantastic value for the money, outperformed the PS Audio PerfectWave that it replaced. 
Isolating Transmission Line speakers from floor
Spikes will definitely increase coupling. Townshends or feet like Isoacoustics Gaia will decouple.I use Isoacoustics Gaia feet with mine and swear by them. 
Tube testing in the SF Bay area?
I’d be more worried about the caps than the tubes after 20 years in a box. 
Best Wireless ear buds for SOUND..??!
They all suck, but of the ones I’ve tried, the ones that sucked the least were the Sony’s, the ones from Master & Dynamic, and the Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2.I went with the Sennheisers because they were the better piece of kit but th... 
Why Does My Attempts To Answer a Post Not Alert The Recipient?
It’s definitely a bug with the site, and an annoying one at that.  
Suggest one obsure album we all should hear
@unreceivedogma never thought I’d see Fœtus recommended on this forum! Great pick. 
Looking for a tube (or tube sounding) DAC
-Doge 7 $2.3While I can’t compare it to any of the other DACs in the thread, I own the Doge and it’s a great value for the money. And if you’re judging a DAC’s tube-iness by its number of tubes, I suspect the Doge’s eight tubes when running balanc... 
Help me tame my out of control bass
So an update here: nearfield measurement shows the speakers, unsurprisingly, have an almost flat response.And massive kudos to those who said the 120hz spike was a harmonic - you win a prize for that one. When generating a 60hz tone, the spike at ... 
Help me tame my out of control bass
The odd thing is that 120hz didn’t seem to be there when there’s no signal. This weekend I’ll do some more measuring, there’s been a lot of good hypotheses about what it could be. I’ll run a test tone at 60hz to see if it’s a harmonic, more mic’in... 
Help me tame my out of control bass
@speakermaster Great question and a detail I forgot to mention is that i did decouple the speakers by adding Isoacoustics Gaia feet to the speakers. It didn’t make as big of a difference for the bass as I was hoping (although in retrospect I wish ... 
Help me tame my out of control bass
I didn’t say bass traps don’t work, my two bass traps are 5” thick. I didn’t see much measurable difference but i suspect I would need several more of them to get there, which as I said I don’t think the missus would allow. 
Help me tame my out of control bass
@tomeh45 there’s no manual for the Kivas, but I did talk to Jim at Egglestonworks and he not only had some tips for me, he was kind enough to cut some port plugs for me for the slot loaded bass port. For the transmission line ports, they’re pretty... 
Help me tame my out of control bass
@audio2design you’re 100% correct. The right speaker doesn’t have a boundary wall next to it, there’s a counter and a kitchen and a hallway going to our office / entryway.Incredibly impressive deduction. 
Help me tame my out of control bass
@oldhvymec ha, don’t worry the mic is at my head position. You’ve definitely got me thinking though of some creative ways to absorb the boundary issues on the left side where the windows are. On the right speaker because it’s an open room there’s ... 
Help me tame my out of control bass
@jimofmaine it never occurred to me until I started getting into measurement and understanding room modes that a reason to get subs is to have more flexibility in placement of where the bass is being generated.@millercarbon she absolutely had her ...