Why are you here? ...music or equipment

I check the New Today section atleast a few times a day. I want to see what new equipment has arrived and also what new threads have appeared. I used to do it soley for the love of the equipment. The equipment is supposed to bring the music to us. How many buy/sell equipment just for the sole love of equipment, and how many buy/sell for the sole love of hearing the music they love. I pretty much fit both categories.
For me, the equipment is pretty much a means to an end. However, with all the debates and unknowns about equipment (e.g., trade-offs in speaker design), it's a lot of fun to research and listen to alternatives. We still know so little about what drives great sound (plus it's so subjective) that the construction of a matched system and acoustic environment almost becomes an art form. It helps to know a lot about electronics and acoustics, but that is not a necessary condition to building a system. So, the art of the music is supreme but the art of a choosing a good system is also a lot of fun.
I love to chase the equipment and tweaks, but at the end of the day when the lights are off and the wine is flowing it's all about the music. So therefor I can honestly say that it is both.
Im in the same boat as the other two posters. But sometimes I wonder.

I'm here for a clue.

I remain,
I'm here for a clue.

I remain,
Clueless: Are you doubly "clueless" ??? : )

Personally, i love to tweak, experiment, check out new and different things and crank some good tunes while doing all of the above. As such, i'd like to think that my tweaking lets me hear more of the music. Kind of one hand washing the other... Sean
huh! And that is the truth here: While I was fixing my amp I was listening music through the STAX SRM1/Lambda headphones and pocket CD-player!
I think that those of that are here in the first place are gear lovers more than music lovers. If it were just the music we'd be content with boom boxes and walk man stuff. My wife, for one, has a lot of cd's and doesn't care if they're played on my system or a portable. Look at the threads in this place. How many have to do with things like cables and wires and how many deal exclusively with the music?
I have been brought to tears listening to music on my car radio and listening on my home rig.My nervous system/emotional wiring doesnt care where its coming from...so I must conclude that gear is an intellectual fancy.
Equipment. I use other sites (kazza) to find music. 'Goners have been helpful with what types of equipment goes with what, and for silly questions I always dream up. I've also learned the most important thing one can learn...opinions are like a**holes...
For me, it's both! In my never ending search for music nirvana. I find A'Gon the best in educating each other about equipment, tweaks, and software. Members interests and contributions range from the newbie, to those with technological expertise. I check the site a few times a day, when I'm not on the road. I have learned a great deal from A'Goners. Not just about equipment, but also about great sounding music.

But let's face it... In the end, it is about the listening experience. Otherwise why would we bother?
I upgrade only every few years (generally not the entire system at once either), hence I'm here mainly for equipment right now, but after I'm done with this round of upgrading I'll be here for the forum discussions and the music.
I do it for the chicks.
Music or Equipment?
I'm on Audiogon to make new friends! Really, this is must be the best forum on the net for discussing high end audio equipment. Most others aren't high end enough, or have too many extreme skeptics who do not even believe there is a difference between CD players. The other "best" forum has an interface which I hate.

I do frequent a hi-fi forum for Aussies. It's very good (lots of locals) but I have to come here for my high-end fix.