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My Long List of Amplifiers and My Personal Review of Each!
whitecamaross:  thanks for the input. 
My Long List of Amplifiers and My Personal Review of Each!
anyone heard (compared) Hegel to Pass amps?  Im far from an electrical engineer but the technology behind Hegel is intriguing.   
Dual 704 Turn Table
Thanks for the info guys. Looks like I have a area of this hobby to explore. Mo money.... 
Nsgarch,Could you elaborate on the term flat? Least boomy? I am expecting my sub on Thursday...I'll have details on my system and room by the weekend.On another note I've always wondered how an independant sub interacts with phase coherent speaker... 
Goatwuss,Thanks for the comments, but I think Nsgarch has detailed the crossover in the Depth. As much as I can appreciate the tweaks one can apply with the Vel (and I really like the idea of a remote to help set up the sub since I currently live ... 
Thanks everyone for your posts. I bought a ML Depth today...won't be here til next week:( I chose this after reading all your helpful comments and was able to make some observations about my Rel and what I wanted out of my next sub that I was not ... 
Dam Nsgarch, as much as I appreciate your post, it’s your dam fault I'm in this predicament!!! I was prepared to buy the Rel but read your post on the Martin Logan (nice system by the way) that made me think about the Depth. Given your experience ... 
Noticed the Patriot Act's effects on PayPal?
I always suspected that was the intent of the seatbelt money from an insurance point of view, and there is a by-law within PayPal that if you provide a SSN you can make the transaction over $500. Ever heard of identity theft? Ever hear ... 
tune a tube tester
tune a tube tester
is there a location I can get instructions? 
BAT vs Pass Labs Amp
all were helpful answers; thanks very much. 
which subwoofer?
rel subs 
I'm almost too embarrassed to ask, but.....
The Phase Invert feature on many preamps was designed for what your hearing. The phase was backwards when recorded. 
CHeap surrounds that throw large soundstage....
Musical Amps
FreakygreekI've owned Paradigm speakers for 10 years and have found Marantz amps (I used MA500s that are now discontinued) HK Intergraded amps, and Anthem Amp2; not to mention a few demos here and there). I love the speakers and finally settled on...