Who is using their DAC as a preamp?

Just curious the results people are hearing using Dac as line stage. Some dacs even have Analog inputs.  
I boxed up most of my gear in preparation for an upcoming move. In the interim I’m using my Oppo 205 as a preamp. It sounds so good that I may keep using it as a preamp after my move.
I listened to my Project S2 this morning for about an hour or so. The soundstage was just as good as the Rogue. The Project seemed to present a more "pure" signal where the Rogue added a touch of warmth (it is a tube preamp). Bass, mids sound wonderful. High's extend just a little more (maybe because it is solid state). Nothing fatiguing. The tubes on the Rogue have probably 60-70% life left. 
I have been doing this for 10 years or more. I have not owned a pre-amp in a long time. I don’t miss it.