Using a Japanese CD player in Canada?

Hey guys, im in japan for a bit. There are alot of great electronics here at good prices. I have my eyes on a Denon S10 cd player, but i know japanese electronics run at 100v. Does anyone know if this would affect the performance of the player if i took it home?

really need to know, ,thanks!
You'll need to use a transformer that will allow the 100v to run at 110v.

Just buy a small voltage transfomer for it.
I used to have two monoblocks with one transformer each and had no problems or sonic degradation.

Just buy one that doubles the power consumption of the CDP.

An unknown secret is that most premium electronics have different input taps on their power transformers to allow use in many countries with different voltage standards. This way, a manufacturer can use ONE STANDARD transformer, and change the input tap depending on where the unit is to be exported. Don't expect any info from the manufacturer, and you will have to change the internal fuse. More importantly, you WILL have to pay import duties, and a unit purchased outside of the USA may not be covered under the American distributors warrantee (this is what is meant by the term "Gray Market")
Tomek, my apologies! I noticed after posting my response, that you are live in Canada, not the USA. The same info that I gave still applies, though.
So where can i get a transformer? and how much do they cost? do i need an audiophile transformer? translation, expensive?
You don´t need an expesnive transformer for your CDP, I´m sure you will findn one for not more tham 40 bucks.