Who has some history with the Bryston phono stage?

Every month in Stereophile I read about all these amazing phono stages that could be tried. Not once have I heard any reference at all to the Bryston phono stage! I'm talking about the BP 1.5. You see, I've already spent a substantial sum on the BP 26 preamp, a 4B SST2 power amp, an MPS-2 power supply, and the optional metal remote control. The power supply is really well built and has additional plugs on the back to power the phono stage, the headphone stage and I believe the new compact disc player they just came out with.
So based on my previous experience with Bryston, I would assume that the BP1.5 would most likely be a great component to get my vinyl listening back on track.
So why so few reviews? Is there something wrong with this component? I'm prepared to shell out the $~3K that it most likely costs, but need some kind of audition or other verification of its abilities.
Thanks for any help you can give.
Just because there are no reviews on a component doesn't mean anything's wrong with it. Either way, I would never buy a phono stage without listening to it, and knowing what cart I would using. I'm sure the Bryston is good, but they've never really been known for their phono stages. If it were my choice, I would have no problem with using a different brand.

If you can't demo locally because you have no dealers, you may want to give The Cable Company a call. They specialize in lending out demo components and accessories so you can try before you buy. The best part is they'll lend you a few pieces all at once. Not back and forth, one at a time. One of the brands they carry is Sutherland. I would ask to borrow something from them, and let them recommend some other ones. Their recommendations are usually very good.
Audio Advisor is a Bryston dealer and offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. Why not order a BP1.5 from them? Given that you already have a power supply for the Bryston, it could be financially advantageous to stick with Bryston, rather than buy another brand requiring that you pay for another PS.
The new Van Alstine Vision phono amp is flawless at $499.
Dead quite with great instrumental placement soundstage
and imagining .
Tremendous dynamic range and low-level detail , most realistic presentation of symphonic music I have heard at any price, and that is audios hardest task.
Schubert have you ever heard a Manley Labs Chinook phono pre amp?
I'm with ZD542! Bryston has never been known for their phono stages. Bryston made their name making amplifiers then moved on to the whole range of products. But since you have taken the Bryston plunge I would stick with it. The Bryston products are nice. Schubert have you ever heard the Manley Labs Chinook phono pre? Its not $500 tho. The phono pre is the gateway to great vinyl playback. Regards

No I have not. When something sounds like live music to me I generally leave well enough alone .I mentioned the AVA only because it is such a great value .
Bryston is coming out with some new ones...

I saw that about the new 1/3 chassis phono stages. Maybe their introduction will prompt the analog guy at Stereophile to do a thorough review.
I owned a BP1.5 for about 18 months, and sold it because it failed to do much for me. I have an all-Bryston system, and the BP1.5 is the only unit of theirs that left me feeling vaguely under-whelmed. I know that's not very fact-based, but...
I replaced the 1.5 with the Parasound JC3+, which I think is not only much superior to the 1.5, but is one of the best phono pre's available for less than $5000.