Which would you choose? Primaluna Int vs Separate

I currently have a PrimaLuna Dialogue 1 that was upgraded a bit to almost be a Dialogue two with improved caps and Gold Lion KT88 tubes. I'm now using it with KT120s and I've been very happy with it powering my B&W N805s. But I recently got a great deal on a set of Nautilus 803s that I've always wanted. Even though I like them with the PL Dialogue, I'm thinking a bit more power may wake them up even more. Now I have a chance to move up to PrimaLuna Prologue three preamp and Prologue seven monoblocks for a thousand bucks difference.

If you've heard both, what do you think? It's a step down from Dialogue to Prologue series. But it's a step up to separates and more power. Overall is it a step up? And is it enough of a step up to justify a thousand bucks?

By the way-- I went to a local dealer today and listened to the Prologue Premium compared to the Mcintosh 6300 on a set of 803Diamonds. The difference wasn't nearly as much as I had expected. The PL had a sweeter midrange with its EL34 tubes and handled the speakers really well. The Mc was very nice too and had a touch more control in the lower bass, but it wasn't as dramatic of a difference as I expected. It was not worth the extra $1500 to trade up (the Mc was a demo model listed at $3k) IMO.

I typically listen at moderate levels, and listen mostly to rock, like Dire Straits, Boston, Fleetwood Mac, etc.
I would be more concerned with the preamp in all this. If the preamp section of your current integrated is better than the separate pre of the lower line, I wouldn't do it. If you have pre outs on your integrated, I would compare it, side by side, with the Prologue pre, both going into the same amp and speakers. Your speakers are revealing enough that if you get a lesser preamp, you'll be sorry.

As far as going for more power, I agree. It would definately be a nice upgrade. I just wouldn't do it if it meant using a lesser preamp.
Good point. Unfortunately my existing integrated doesn't have pre-outs or I would try that.
Personally, I would lean toward the MA6300. I have heard it paired with B&W in the past and have been quite pleased. They seem to have a synergy that appeals to me. It presents a versatile combination that that will sound great with vinyl and digital sources. Cabling should be a combo of mid quality silver and copper blend for PC and IC and copper solid core for speaker cable. Good Luck in your upgrade!

(p.s. I would take 20% off the price of the McIntosh as a demo).
Tom, I listened to both next to each other. The PL gave up VERY little to the Mac, and the Mac is a lot more money. The $3k price is already over 30% off list, BTW.
By all means pick the one you like best. I cannot comment on the PL. If they are indeed that close I would prefer to have the one made in the USA vs China and has easy and repeatable resale. Just my opinion. Good Luck!