Which Sub Woofer is good for my 2 channel system

I want to add a Sub to my 2 channel music system and would like comments and suggestions on which one. My music room is 12 x 16 and I am using B&W 805 Sig's. If it matters my source is McIntosh 352 amp and the C2200 pre.
I do not like booming,rolling,load bass. Something, tight,fast,smooth.
Music choice is: Light Jazz,& Vocals.
My first thought was 12" or less. I use a sub in my HT system but that is NOT part of my 2 channel.
Budget amount, I would like to keep at 2000.00 or under for new sub.
Your suggestions would be appreciated.
A REL STRATA II will blend well with the 805's, & should also work well with your room dimensions.
Check older threads for more info. Good Luck!
I use a Velodyne HGS-12. It is small, tight and has flat response down to 20htz. Very powerful but refined.
Sunfire Architectural Signature would mate well with your rig.............
I second the Architectural Signature or just the plain ole Architectural, which is the one I own and love. Fast, tight, amazing extension: a two channel wonder of a sub. peace, warren
I suggest you consider adding two passive subs and an active crossover. I am running a similar system to yours and would recomend this option. See my system for details.
I get remarkable performance from the archetectual signature matched with Revel M20s.
Go with a REL Strata III.

Even better, go with 2 REL Strata IIIs.
Well!!! I guess I have to decide between the Rel or the Sunfire. From what I found this might not be that easy to decide between, both are going to the top of my list for audition. I truly appreciate the comments on "which" sub to go with, Thank You.
I am curious as to why "Nrenter" would suggest,"even better go with 2" I would not have a problem with that, I just don't understand?
Thanks Again,
I've tried subs with B&W speakers before, only ending up taking the sub back to the store. Turns out that for music, I prefered the balance afforded by the full range speaker, even if the bass was a wee bit shy. My vote is NO sub with your great 805 Sigs.
At 12' x 16' I wouldn't go to the point of running 2 subs! I own 2 Rel Starta II's that I run w/ B& W's in my 34' x 16' room & yes 2 subs do wonders for a room of this size. IMO the Rel is the better sub as far a music is concerned.
I just purchased a Martin Logan Depth for my 2-channel system recently. I chose the Depth after an exhausting search for the "right", musical subwoofer. I listened to subs from Velodyne, JM Lab, REL, Titan, VMPS, and Martin Logan's smaller Grotto. They were all very good, but I had to give the nod to the Depth.

The Depth is exceptionally fast, taut, clear, defined, controlled, and blends with my JM Lab monitors seamlessly. I really wanted to spend only around $1,200 for a sub, but I absolutely felt compelled to get the $1,700 Depth. I also heard the $2,700 Descent, and it was better, but not necessarily in terms of clarity; it just had more physical impact.

Good luck!
I just added a VAndersteen 2W to my 2 channel system. Fast and tight it is. You can buy a new 2WQ and get to adjust the Q, for about the $1200 you wnated to spend.
Just auditioned the Rel Strata lll That has moved to the top of my list. Thanks for that suggestion. I do want to audition the Depth, hope to do that this week also.
I appreciate all your comments.
Dave, I guess your keeping your Signature 805's now???
The 805 sigs are keepers for the moment, I hope I find the Strata in the next week or so before a pair of Revel Studio's show up that I can't live without.
ACI Titan or Force. Both are exceptional subs.