Which stands are recommended for ProAC 1SC speaker

"I recently bought a Creek 5350SE amp and Rega Jupiter cd player and Im planning to but the Proac1SC speakers-I need recommendations for interconnects, speaker cable and stands for my system. Thanks."
I had my 1SCs on Target R1 stands, filled with sand from Home Depot. They were such a good match that I felt the R1s were designed for the 1SCs. I had little dabs of Blue Tac squeezed in between to prevent any accidental sliding. My interconnects and speaker cables were Cardas Golden Cross, which had a dark, buttery character that I thought complemented the potentially bright high end of the 1SCs.
My stands for the 1SC's are Sound Anchors, heavy, spiked and stable. I use Ensemble cables, both speaker and interconnects. I find nothing bright about the 1SC's in my system, in my system (with ARC CA50 45-watt tube integrated) they sound just like Jameswei describes--warm and "buttery." Lots of detail, no boomy bass.
Try get a pair of Osiris stands. These are no longer made
but they crop up from time to time on Audiogon. Each stand
is two 3 inch columns which can be sand/shot filled and
they have 1 inch diameter brass spikes. They look very

Kimber cables work well with these and my Cary SLI-80 amp.

For small monitors, the best stands may be the Sound Anchors, but I've been using 29" tall steel-shot filled Lovan Imperial 2900s and like them very much. Perfect height when listening to my Tab 50 Sigs and 1SCs in my Herman Miller Aeron chair. I've heard some people say the Blu-Tac can discolor the bottoms of speaker's veneers so I use gray kneaded art erasers instead.
Here in the U.K. the stand to use for Proac 1 is the TARGET R4. This is a four pillar version and extremely heavy(it takes two persons to lift one!!). Cables are best left to Kimber and amplification wise Audion Silver Night monoblocs have been found to create a superb match - just ask Sam Tellig.
I have mine on a set of 24" Atlantis stands. They are set a bit low and would recommend a 28" or 30" stand. MIT cables work well with the 1SC's. I have found DH labs to be a very economical alternative.
I currently have a Rega Planet 2000 CDP with a Creek 5350SE amp, and I found that the Cardas Cross interconnect does wonders for my sound. I just ordered the Jupiter, so in 50-100 hours I'll know how that works with the Creek and the Cardas as well. I'm also using Cardas powercords which make a big difference. Lastly, the one thing that I would strongly recommend for your Creek is the Tara Labs "Missing Link" jumper cables (I think the model is RSC something) to replace the bars that connect your amp/preamp jacks. I was amazed at the difference that made.