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How's the quality of the HDCD's from China/Ebay
A lot of the sellers of these discs have been rumbled and have disappeared with the discs that say hdcd but no light comes on. Quality is good on genuine discs. Quality on others(bootlegs)is surprisingly good at first but ultimately tiring. 
Upgrade from my GSP era gold
Why would you want a low output moving coil? Get yourself a competent moving magnet and it will beat the pants off a too fussy lomc. More dynamic, better bass and much more. Hey, and replaceable stylus! 
Want to experience tubed CDP?
Try newly imported to the U.S. from Germany, the Vincent S6 mark 2 which I think comes in at around $1895. Its getting some rave notices in Europe. Balanced xlr outputs, digital and usual analogue outputs along with remote volume control. 
what do I upgrade?
Dedicated circuits: if you had done this to begin with your upgrades would have been more enjoyable along the way, AND PROBABLY NOT HAVE SPENT SO MUCH - BASICS FIRST!! 
Krell KAV 300i. Solution to keep the RCA caps on ?
If you have an early one there is an upgrade available. The new ones are an improvement but still no great shakes. I must say, for a high-end manufacturer, these rca caps are a disgrace, worst I've come across on ANY piece of hi-fi in 40+ years! I... 
EAR 834P tube swapin
JSAW...Almost all tube buys have been done on Ebay, perhaps I've had a great deal of luck, but there are decent sellers there. Guided by experience of seller, an eye for a bargain, testing, instinct, who is bidding, help from esnipe! I try to avoi... 
EAR 834P tube swapin
No mods. done, not necessary IMHO. But have done extensive tube rolling just for the fun of it! Among the very best were Tesla ECC803S - neutral, airy and hard to beat. Various 5751's tried including GE, Raytheon windmill. Position V3 is now occup... 
A Couple Tube Questions
Tell your friend not to have such paranoid thoughts! Tubeperson is right, let your ears do the matching. 
Big Stupid Warm Speakers
How about some Duntech (Princess?), about 12 feet high and 3 feet wide. Don't try and handle them yourself, they can do a lot of damage! Take-out the units and you have ready-made coffins! Should be quite cheap now too. 
What tubes for a EAR p834
Just replaced the EI yugo set in mine with Tesla ECC803S gold-pin. To say this action brought a night and day difference would be an understatement! A most definite recommendation. 
Krell 300i as a pre
I once used a 300i as a Preamp feeding Audion Silver Night monoblocs just to see how good the pre stage was. I quickly gave up on the idea - inferior resolution resulted. I understand the pre-stage is not up to the standard of their separates. 
Power Chords or Power Plants?
Power Plant may give the greatest improvement but only in conjuction with decent cords i.e. those that reject airborne r.f.(kimber), otherwise there is a danger of the improvements gained by the p.p. being diluted. So buy cords first then p.p. You... 
Cleaning Records
You are the ideal candidate for a "Disco Antistat Manual Record Cleaner". This is the Hi-Fi Choice ***** and Product of the Year. Visit www.russandrews.com, where a bottle of Revive will be included to uniquely remove Mould Release Agent left in t... 
Should I leave my equipment on ?
Even if the equipment is turned off for a few minutes it usually means that it will require another 24 hours to stabilise on turning back on. 
Cable run in burn in time
Cable burn-in is all about the insulation part and not the wire itself. The insulation absorbs energy from the conductor when a current like music is flowing.This absorption causes the insulation's molecules to re-arrange from random into uniform ...