Which speakers did you find bright, fatiguing or just disappointing in some way?

OK, controversial subject but it needs asked. I'm curious for your experiences, mainly in your home, not a dealer and esp. not a show demo
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Jumping off the speaker merry-go-round remains a vividly satisfying memory.
kenjitTotally on your side this time.
I don’t know OR care about Green Mtn.
But you are spot on.
To answer the OP query none.
Fatigued? Try  coffee.

at the dealer, Paradigm Persona 7F
fastfreight: Which dealer?  My local dealer has them sounding incredible but they always mention how they hear of other dealers setting them up horribly and doing them a great disservice.
I'm afraid it is you who is being dishonest. Just because he disagreed with my criticism of Green mountain audio, it doesnt mean I was dishonest.

I'll simply let readers decide who the dishonest one is, by copying Roy Johnson's summary of your behavior from the linked thread:

Your Green Mtn. speakers were not setup for you by a retailer. You purchased them from us, directly. I have your invoice, emails, Paypal receipt and shipping documents.

They are Chroma speakers, with the time-domain improvements in the crossover circuits compared to original Rio.

Upon delivery and for years afterwards, you had the speakers in a very poor room, quite acoustically inferior in every way. I have your cell phone video showing this and your emails describing it. And you have my helpful response suggesting the best and least-expensive ways in which to fix its acoustic problems and what (and WHY) you would hear along the way.

Six months or more later, after I had not heard from you for quite a while, you took these speakers apart and removed their fiberglass linings. I have your email describing this. In it, you also remark how you cracked at least one marble cabinet by not putting a screw back into its correct hole.

You removed the tweeters, laid the cabinets on their sides, and set the tweeters on the 'new' cabinet tops. I have your email.

You removed the crossover circuits and modified them to second-order circuits, which negates any time-coherence. I have your email.

More than a year after your purchase, after I informed you that these modifications voided your warranty, you lied to American Express by telling them you had been promised a refund. I provided proof to them that this was false and they denied your request for refund. I have the emails on this.

Another year passes without contact, and you lie to AMEX again. This time, their agent did not contact us or Paypal, so AMEX leveraged Paypal to give you a partial refund of US$1200, which you accepted. Paypal removed these funds from our account with no notice. I have the emails to Paypal showing them how you were not promised a refund, and that you had already owned these speakers for YEARS, and that you had modified them. They agreed with me, then told me their contract was with AMEX, not us, so they had to do what AMEX told them. We had to take this financial loss and so I decided we could no longer accept Paypal from any customer, thanks to you.

After receiving this false refund, YOU KEPT THESE SPEAKERS.

Two years later, with no provocation, you began new threads on Audiogon attacking me. Audiogon removed them at my request, after many others posted their responses that something was 'not right' with you, as you would not answer their questions and instead began insulting them. These folks did not even own Green Mtn!