Which speaker is better

Please tell me guys, which speaker is better:
B&W Signature 805
SONUS FABER Guarnieri Homage
Thank you...
Just me 2 cents... I love the Guarnieri Homage... I find the B&W not enough revealing... Of course this is to my taste...

Also, you should describe the electronics you will be using. It may be easier to give some advice...

Note: I don't own any of those speakers...
It depends on what you like to listen to. If it's music, the Sonus Faber. IMHO
It may be the speaker that matches whatever amp you have the best
Haven't heard the SE25, but did have the opportunity to audition the new Dynaudio 1.4 against the B&W 805 signatures. Power provided by Cary amp and pre (can't remember model #'s) and source was top of the line Cary player. For my taste, I felt the 1.4 was a better match for the Cary; though both were good. It seemed the B&W had a tad more bass extension, the dyn had smoother highs. Overall, I felt the dyn was more musically satisfying, but again, just my personal taste in sound. I seem to prefer those soft tweeters! Try to audtion them side by side, with the same setup.
Try the 805 Signature Series
i have listened to the sonus faber and just recently to the se 25 dynaudio at he2003. both are very nice speakers. they are both much more musical than the b&w's. i would look into/audition the speakers from totem. i have a couple pairs of their speakers currently and i think the speakers vince (owner of totem) had in the totem room at he2003 (hawk and forest speakers) sounded better than either the dynaudio se25 or the sonus faber at a much more reasonable cost. even if the totem were the same price, i would prefer them over the others. (imo)
Different speakers different character. Its all up to your taste.

Sonus Faber - when you need more on musicical feel and romantic air, dont mind resolution. It is audio gear friendly brand. You can have good sound applying wide range of audio brands.
B&W - If accuracy is more important, and you dont mind it is a but pricy
Dyna - Very good in high and mid, you need to be careful in amp selection as it truly reflects the performance of your system.

my view.
I second Rbstehno's comments. I used to own B&W and find them not musical enough. Of your list, SF would be my pick but again this all depends on your other components.
However, for the money, you should seriously audition the Totem speakers. The value is unbeatable.
I know you asked about the three, but their sonic qualities are similar to Revel Studio and Salons. I would suggest listening to these before making a final decision. I have the studios and compared them to the speakers on your list. All of these are excellent speakers I just personally liked the midrange on the Revels better. I felt that they had some of the revealing qualities of thiels which I also respect along with the midrange and a more robust sound stage for my taste.
Sonus Faber
The SONUS FABER Guarnieri Homage. It will have more resolution in the midrange, where most of the music is, and it will sound like music. You will be happy using an ordinary amplifier (greater than 100 watts please) and ecstatic if you pair them with any of the finest amplifiers in the world. The Guarnieri is world class. The other speakers are just nice in their price range.

I would consider Verity Parsifal monitors and Merlin TSM's as well.
Fertin (full range)combined with a good sub, is as far my premier choix, sacond is ESS Heil, That's it.
Jackmontreal, i still have a pair of ess heil air transformer speakers. I used these for over 20 years but they have been in a closet for the last 5 years. I really liked them.
The dynaudios have the best midrange around.