Which Power Cables to sell

I am debating which cables to sell, Maybe somebody heard them both with better ears
I have 1pr. each JPS Labs Power AC+ and PS Audio Perfectwave AC-12 Which would you keep. Maybe for speakers and sub
Oh! This one is easy! Since you can't hear a difference, sell them both. Sell them all! No one should have power cords that provide no benefit. Since there definitely are power cords out there that sound so good anyone can hear the improvement you simply need to get rid of your crap ones and buy the good ones. 

Pro tip* (inside humor): Synergistic Research Master Coupler, used, around $250. 

*The phrase "pro-tip" is a joke. The recommendation is not.
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milcarb i hear you, Just bought some BDR cones cuz of you, to check my ears. Seriously SR is that good Never heard them Just looking for my M/L stats and sub 
Yes SR is that good. The Master Coupler is the closest thing to the gold standard of power cords you can get. Not because it is the best, but because it has been around so long and still commands value, because it is that good. Name any other power cord from 30 years ago still selling used for nearly what it cost new back in the day. Right. Crickets.

But as good as it is, still it is only entry level as far as SR is concerned. The last time I suggested it someone else said a $1k power cord for $250, what's not to like? That's pretty much an exact quote. Also true. Pretty much anyone else's you would need $1k to match a Master Coupler. With Synergistic however you are entry level. Your best bet is to simply look around for whatever you can find used that fits your budget. 

There is one little detail to keep in mind. There was a period of years where Synergistic was using Active Shielding. If you get one of those you need to know a couple things. One, its great. Really makes a big difference. Two, the MPC wall wart uses up an outlet. Later on they incorporated this into the cord itself, but a lot out there are the older wall wart versions. And three, if you do get one they can be modded by Michael Spallone with a very affordable and simple mod that replaces diodes and caps and cheap board with better quality parts and point to point wire. Huge and very cost effective improvement.

I don't recommend any one over any other one. Its more a case of what might fit your budget and plans. Given enough information you can figure that out for yourself. There is no right or wrong with these things but that doesn't mean there aren't better and worse ways of getting there. The trick is to figure out what works best for you. Nobody else matters.
Pro tip: ask questions before assuming you know everything 

can you tell a difference between the stock factory cord and your two other cords ?
 Depending on your answer but to do some rework as it were...

let’s make it a simple math / logic problem



Sygr = unknown

show me where SYgr > JPS
So unless you are that strapped, don’t sell anything right away and try a few more.

* note some F > than the voodoo junk out there for cables, why ? Better connections, lots of garden hose AC cables barely stay in the IEC outlet, poorly torqued, etc...

fruitloopsr- here ya go 
https://www.audiogon.com/listings/lisa120c-synergistic-research-uef-blue-power-cable-ac-cablesHave not heard the Blue cable, but got the Blue outlet, and assume the power cord will possess the same sophisticated balance of smoothness, detail, and dynamics. Guaranteed you will not be wondering if it is any better- you will be shaking your head in disbelief that anything can be that much better- or my name's not Millercarbon and you can come back here and berate me and I will lay down and take it.
I have to say, I was skeptical of the whole “power cord” thing initially. Then I decided to go there. Wow... they REALLY can, and do make a difference. Having said that, what is really a serious uptick in performance, is the receptacle. I have PS Audio receptacles, and that was a huge change in performance. I can’t speak to Synergistic Research, but I highly recommend a look at upgrading your power source, then auditioning your cables. 
At least i got 1 answer to my question. Never tried stock cords So i do not know what they sound like.I have 4 dedicated lines with Ps Audio Soloist Ci outlets their old maybe upgrade them. Dont want to bury myself in the bunny hole. Did the fuse thing on my last rig not my new one yet:)
Simple math/logic (What) I must be strapped. Want one brand so i can try and keep some synergy.These cables are just for my stats and sub. Probably would not find 3 same cables used at one time to try. I will ask lot of questions cuz i dont know everything.Thanks Keep it coming