What would you use in this 11' x 16' x 9' room?

Moving to a new home in Spring 2015 and taking all of my stereo equipment with me. In the new place, my dedicated listening room is 11' x 16' x 9', which is a significant difference from my current room, 15.5' x 25' x 7.5'. As expected, I'm going mad mulling over all the possible scenarios, and no chance yet for trial and error. Would love to hear others' thoughts. Given the following components, how would you plan the initial setup? All musings are welcome!

Modwright SWLP preamplifier with MM and MC
Rega Mira III (as preamplifier) with MM
Quicksilver MiniMites 25W tube monoblocks
VTL ST150, 75W triode, 150W tetrode
Wilson Sophia II loudspeakers
Soliloquoy 5.3 loudspeakers
I see no reason that you could not set up your system in the same fashion
as seen with your current system listed on Audiogon. Perhaps a little
acoustic tweaking if necessary.
BTW; nice looking system :-)!
Thanks Lak. Some of the underlying questions include:
How will the Sophia's perform in a smaller room?
Are the Soliloquys better suited?
Will the QS Minimites be enough to properly drive either pair of speakers in a smaller room?
What to try, and what to avoid?

Can anyone with a similar size room share their experiences?
You should have no issues at all. Your triangle will be smaller and the system will sound more intimate. I was once told correctly that I should not be afraid of a big speaker in a smaller room for the most part. There are extremes of course. I once had Focal Alto Utopia Be's in my 11 x 15 room with no problems with bass overload or anything else. But as a bonus, if the upgrade or change of taste bug bites, you have great set up for a widebander option for your tube amps