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Your favorite LP nobody has ever heard of
Gabriel Dorman - Give That Dog Some Peace. Bought this at his bands performance at the Metropole in Pittsburgh, PA back in the early 90's. My small group were pretty much the only ones in the place for a going away party. I was the only one paying... 
Experience with rethm saadhana v3
Saadhana review posted 1/24/15 
Top 5 Hamburgers
#1. Tessaros, Pittsburgh, PA. 
My Rethm Maarga Speaker Purchase
Congratulations on your purchase from another happy rethm owner. 
Shindo/Audio Physic speakers
I own Shindo electronics. I've listened to the Montrachet extensively. I've heard most of the Audio Physics line up. I've never heard them together but I can't imagine them being good together. 
What would you use in this 11' x 16' x 9' room?
You should have no issues at all. Your triangle will be smaller and the system will sound more intimate. I was once told correctly that I should not be afraid of a big speaker in a smaller room for the most part. There are extremes of course. I on... 
Single driver speakers without the pitfalls?
I haven't mentioned my favs in this thread due to my assumed size speaker you might have been considering but my Rethm Saadhanas run full range with a powered sub for low end fill only. I have a medium sized room and they’re better with a little s... 
Accordian licks
Czarivey, that video just blew me away. I'll never try to play my guitar again. I can't believe how calm the audience was. He's off the chart. 
Accordian licks
Thanks all you guys. I love this sound sprinkled in my playlists. Astor Piazolla's bandenoen has astounded me for years. I saw Buckwheat Zydeko live and saw Clifton Chenier no show in Philadelphia. But now you've given me some more folks to look i... 
NY Audio Show September 26th to September 28th
No one has mentioned it so far but I was really impressed by the Soundsmith room. The strain gauge set up really did it for me. But the Basis TT with the new Super arm was great too. I was at the show to particularly listen for turntable possibili... 
Experience with rethm saadhana v3
a few pics up now in my systems link. Thanks for asking. 
Experience with rethm saadhana v3
Rethm SaadhanaFinally I’m getting to my mini review of the Rethm Saadhana. I actually had them just about a year before I ever hooked them up due to an issue I had with an area in my basement. Thank goodness that’s over with. Since I previously ow... 
High-Efficiency Single Driver Speaker System
Germanboxers nails it. Just add to that music list some indie rock and folk and anything with intricate, complicated, overlapping percussion and / or melody to a one note solo. To my ear you just don't seem to notice a little lack of coherency in ... 
Rethm Maarga Impressions.
Don't really have much of a review. I'm not sure of the model but I'm sure they were the latest at the time. They were a blue color. I don't remember what the associated gear was. I just remember I was immediately turned off by the sound. I recall... 
Rethm Maarga Impressions.
Wrm57, I did listen to a Zu model at the Montreal audio show last year. I don't recall which model but they just were not my cup of tea at all.