What type or kind of electronics ss.,tubes, sep..

seperates,integrated,amplification, watts/power,etc...should I demo.to realize the highest level of sonics from my new Spendor SP100's? I have heard that Naim gear matches well? What other brands should I consider? I listen to mostly acoustic/folk and come classic 60's-70's rock. Listening room 20x20. Thanks for any help.
Hi Ricky:

Listening room 20x20? To get the best out of your speakers do some work on your room. Visit Rives Audio site (he posts here). You cannot correct room resonance with equipment equalization or equipment tweaking although I think a lot of folks spend a lot of time and money trying. Really oversimplifying things, the common dimensions (20x20) will strongly reinforce the same frequency at a little over 28Hz and multiples thereof (56,112). Rives has a little software and a cd that, at about $70, will be $$ well spent. A pittance compared to the cost of the speakers, much less your complete system. The software is CARA 2.1 Plus which I have, and like very much, and he has a cd which from reading about it, is better than the one CARA offers.

If you have already done the room thing then kindly disregard this message.

I remain,
Clueless is right on.
Depends on your budget, Ricky. Many believe Naim is ok for dull speakers, which I assume your's is not. Solid state gear is a mine field if your goal is non fatiguing music. For a lot of money, get the full TacT system. This will do what Clueless says can't be done. To make it work, you will need an advanced pc. The TacT actually measures your speaker's frequency performance and room interaction. All relevant sound waves are then analyzed and can be subsequently displayed on your computer monitor. The Tact will adjust the speaker's output to give you, the listener, a flat line response if you desire. From there you can do all sorts of tweaking to the frequencies.

After saying that, I have to say I don't have a TacT. I am very happy with Pass Lab's offerings. You can get their Alephs for less than a new Naims. All Pass Labs solid state amps are as smooth as butter.

Or for real cheap, buy a used Jolida tube amp. Tubes are unbeatable for acoustic music. Use curtains, throw pillows, carpets, and box beams (if you are handy) to break up standing waves.
English made ONIX and Mission Cyrus, VTL with enough power as these are not efficient. Good luck mate.
At the risk of sounding fickle, Muralman1 is also right on re: TacT. Tact is not inexpensive. I still think Clueless has given you sound advise, the result of which will allow you to use the room treatments suggested by Muralman1 with more specific targets. As for his other recommendations, I can't comment. I too like the Pass gear but don't know enough about your speakers.
I'll say it a second time a little more accurately. You cannot tame reflections and reverberation problems with frequency equalizers. You can't get away with not working on the room.
Hello Rickie I did own the 100's and drove them with a naim nait 3. (approx 1400.00 US) I now have a Naim 82 preamp and a Naim 180 with a naim CDX and Spendor 1/2's. It's better, but???? I am expeting to install a new pair of SP 100's tomorrow. Trust me on this: Buy a new naim nait 5, a naim cd player and fogutt about it. Great!!!