What should I be auditioning?

I'm now looking for a speaker under $2,000 (floor standing or monitor) that will be used 75% for music and 25% for home theater. Ideally looking for a speaker that will have a wide soundstage and is not fatiguing. My musical tastes are pop, alternative, r&b, little hip hop. I don't listen to classical or jazz (yet).

What should be on my short list of speakers to audition?? Would appreciate suggestions.
Linn Majik 140's.
used Aerial 10T if found locally.
Vapor Audio Breeze is only $1300 and they have a new model called the Stiff Breeze which has two woofers and the great Raal tweeter in the middle. I own the Breeze and it is fantastic!
If I didn't already have "way too many speakers" (according to my wife), I'd be all over

No affiliation, I just think that's a great deal.
Agree with Aerial 10T, and would also add Aerial 7b and 8. I had the 8 in main system currently have 7b in home theater. All three are outstanding and available at relatively low prices.
Look for local, you can usually get better deals that way, with cash n' carry. That way you get to listen to them first too, and most sellers don't want to worry about shipping big speakers. I got a great deal on the pair of Soliloquy 6.3i's I'm using now that way.

If I was in the market today, I'd snap these Audio Physics Virgo II's up.
Given your price range, you would have a hard time getting something better that a pair of Vandersteen Model 2's.
You didn't say what amp will be powering the system or the size of the room.
But in your price range is the Totem Dreamcatcher (monitor, $1200) and Totem Arro (fullrange, about $1700). Both feature remarkable soundstaging, non-fatiguing. But you will need a subwoofer.
In my opinion, the Dunlavy speakers remain the greatest bargain in all of high-end audio. At your price point you could potentially find a set of SC-IVs, which are world class full range speakers which compete with current designs in the 20K range. I have almost every model that John Dunlavy ever designed mixed into 2 channel and home theatre systems. They are not there for novelty. They are there because I have auditioned just about every high-end speaker made and find that Dunlavys are unbeatable for the money.
I would take a look at a used pair of Dynaudio Excite 32 (floorstander) or if you want new, the Dynaudio Excite 16 (bookshelf). Dynaudio make speakers that you can listen to all day long, very smooth, and the soundstage is HUGE.
For your musical tastes I would recommend listening to the Usher BE-718 for passive speakers. Also think about auditioning some active speakers. I use Quad 12L Actives, and they are fantastic for alternative, hip hop, rap, etc. The power and bass control is tremendous.

Good luck,
Best damn stand mount three way monitor speaker on the market under $ 2000.00...The Polk LSi M703. I owned the previous version with the Vifa ring radiator tweeter and the new driver's are far superior. The sound is silky smooth. Incredible detail. Very powerful bass. Play down to 36hz and roll off around 30hz. Work very well for home theater or music. Do an outstanding job on Classical music and all other music forms. The cabinet quality is first rate and the drivers are outstanding in house designs. $1500.00 a pair factory direct.
Weigh 30 pounds each.
If I were auditioning speakers right now, I would certainly give the new Ultras by SVS a listen. Free in home trial for 45 days and free shipping both ways. Really don't have anything to lose.

And, if you don't have a sub yet, pick one up while you are at it.

Aside from being a satisfied customer, I have no affiliation with the company.
My listening is very much like your and I would buy any used pair Revel Performa speakers any day.

Good luck
Depening on your room size and amplifier I would checkout the Kef r500 if you have a dealer in the area. You can read a review at soundstagehifi.com. definitely an over achieving speaker with the qualities you are after. Best luck