What's your favorite Audiophile label, and why?

There are a bunch of people doing great releases or reissues. Some of them I have liked quite a bit, others I haven't been too impressed.

Rather than pick on anyone, I will say I really like everything I got from Simply Vinyl, and I have quite a few. The new MFSL stuff sounds a lot better than the old releases. SOme of the new Living Stereo SACDs sound awfully good. I bought three of them in the last couple of weeks.

What do you like, and why?
Analog Productions has done some stellar original recordings. They are a welcome respite from the endless remasterings of old material, much of which collectors have multiple copies of anyway. The sonics are stunning on the Analog Productions originals, as well as the packaging. They should be congratulated for taking the financial risk and putting out fantastic new music.
I'll second the Analog Productions stuff. I've liked everything that I've tried but, I must say they are off the charts with the Fantasy 45 Jazz reissues.......... Just outstanding. I have really liked the Speakers Corner (spelling??) reissues of Ella too.
Telarc. Nice assortment of new classical records and good digital (some also available on LP) recordings from 80s and 90s. I also believe they are a local (to me) Cleveland, OH outfit. The preservation of sound quality evident in the records is nice.
Is Deutsche Grammophon an ''Audiophile'' label ?
Not at my house.
I've never thought that Deutsche Gramophon CDs sounded very good. Some of the repertory is irreplacable though. I like the Dutton, Hyperion and Chandos labels. A high percentage of titles on these labels sound very good.
DG was never so good as Telefunken; but I love some of their performers. I think I have gotten the best out of Cisco, though only a dozen or so because their catalog is small. I like Hyperion and mourn Dorian.
MFSL, although I am stunned that Nrchy would believe that the new releases sound better than the old. FOr my ears, nothing I have ever heard even approaches the quality of the early releases.
Are you speaking of the very first MFSL releases mastered by Stan Ricker, or the ones mastered by Gary Giorgi?
I see you guys are forgetting the old stuff, Fire, Flyright, Blue Horizon, and my favorite original Excellos.
You may not at first concider these 'Audiophile' but when you put some of these gems on your turntable, prepare to hear the best.
Opus 3 LP's, BIS LP's of classical guitar and flute
I heard a bunch of Mosaic 45s over the weekend and honestly I have a hard time believing there is anything better available. They really suck though, so don't buy any!
Viridian, most of the early MSFL releases I have were mastered by Ricker (mastered is appropo here). In Stan we Trust...
Yes, there is such a difference. I am in complete agreement with your assesment. Some of the records chosen were really weird, but Ricker's work was just stellar. It's a shame that so many of the Giorgi remasters have such badly skewed frequency response.
ECM. It never disappoints. Kind of like buying a Hersey Bar. you always know you're going to get something good (and more likely interesting).
There are so many... As of recently it has to be Chad's Analogue Productions' 45rpm jazz vinyl reissues. I am receiving these monthly and my press number is in the double digits.
The sound is some of the best of all time. Very dynamic, nice quiet vinyl, and they were mastered right and cut on tube gear. Beautiful stuff. Cheers!
-the AP 45s are kick a**, period. Nothing better is being put to market right now.
-speakers corner lps are super quiet. Although some of them lack absolute dynamic slam, they are very, very good sonically
-classic stuff is hit or miss for me, some great, some suck, most are very detailed presentations.
-right now I am spinning mosaic's comlete miles bitches brew, which I just picked up and I am stoked about the sonics.
I'm not a big Steve Hoffman fan--I've met him several times at shows, and he's struck me as very arrogant--but I do like a lot of DCC's efforts. I listen mainly to rock and blues, and DCC, along with Mobile Fidelity, offered more of what I liked than other labels at the time. There were a few clinkers in there, but generally I thought that DCC productions were pretty darn good, whether on CD or vinyl.
Funny how sometimes quiet confidence can be so easily confused with arrogance. Being surrounded by acknowledgement, collaboration, and respect is not a crime and it has little to do with having (dare I suggest) some of the best sounding Lp masters of all time. IMHO. Cheers!
The DCC LP's are getting my cash. Steve "very arrogant" surprized me. I do not get that on his web site.The old Mofi stuff is great too.

What I sensed was not quiet confidence at all; it was arrogance. I know the difference. And many others who spoke with him sensed it too. He may be a perfectly nice guy, but the times I met him, his attitude left a sour taste in my mouth. May be that I caught him on bad days, who knows? Still, he clearly knows what he's doing--I don't deny that--and his LP and CD remasters are generally very good.