What's the difference btw AZ Satori and Hologram?

I've heard rave reviews of the Acoustic Zen's line of cables and am thinking of getting a single run pair of either the Satori or Hologram for my speakers. What are the sonic differences between the Acoustic Zen Satori and the Hologram? Is it a case of one being warmer or airier? The Satori is reknowned for its neutrality and bass dynamics. Is the Hologram even better since its price more? Or are they entirely different with different purposes for different systems.
Rths, the first thing is that the Holograms are two cables in one for folks interested in biwiring. They have a heavier cable for the bass and a lighter cable for the treble. This is the reason why the prices are so close for the single and biwire versions.

I would like to tack on a few questions to Rths'es. I am finally getting around to getting my cabling up to snuff and was curious about the Hologram. My system is as follows:

Pioneer38A with full ModWright mods
AZ Silver References (analog)
MC2 = Zen (digital)
Sunfire Theater Grand 2
AZ Silver References (vertically biamped) or AZ Matrix References into
2 Sunfire Cinema Grands.
Main and surround speakers are Legacy Classics with a Legacy SilverScreen 2 as the center channel.

I have been thinking about using a modified pair of the holograms for the mains but I'm not quite sure how this would sound with the center channel. The Classics cross over at around 120 Hz, but the SilverScreen crosses over somewhere around 2.2K. This would mean the low end cable for the Holograms would be carrying the signal up to around 2.2K for the center channel, while it would only be carrying up to around 120Hz for the mains. Is there anyone who has played with this and can give me some feedback on it?

Yes the Hologram is better. It is a bigger better more powerful sound. I think the Satori is great, but when you put it up against the Hologram it can't compare. I would say that pretty much everything is better with the Hologram across the board. On my system the whole soundstage gets noticably bigger. Think of it as a Satori on steroids. I am using the Hologram as a single wire cable with a set of Satori jumpers, that is the way Robert Lee recomends cabling for a three way speaker
Thanks Greg and Ejlif for your feedback. I read somewhere that the Holograms are better suited for speakers with more than 2-way designs. Other than the flexibility of being able to re-terminate them for bi-wire, would a single-run of Hologram be overkill for conventional two-way speakers?

On a related matter, I seem to find reviews of the Satori in abundance but hardly anything on the Hologram. Anyone knows why?
I would think the hologram would work great for a two way. In fact I think Robert Lee can fine tune the cable in a biwire configuration to the exact crosspoint of the speaker you are using. He does not reccomend biwiring if you are using anything more than two way crossover. You will love the Satori as long as you don't hear the Hologram. I compared the Satori to numerous much more expensive brands and it was my favorite until I heard the Hologram. I am surprised the Hologram has such a low price considering the performance diffrence between it and the Satori. The new Gargantua power cord from Acoustic Zen is simply awesome too.
Heh, I can just tell this thread is going to wind up costing me money! :-) The hologram sounds more and more interesting. Thanks for the feedback everyone.