ACOUSTIC ZEN satori shotgun

how this cable will sound between LEVINSON amp and SONUS FABER EXTREMA?
i heard that this cable very's true? or maybe
the cable is very netural,so it's a question of combination?
I think it is detailed and a bit open, as if showing you the ragged edges of transients, attack etc. However, the bass is solid and tight without being over-damped. I used a Rowland amp and Piega speakers and what I consider a very honest front end (Levinson/Naim). Levinson amps may be a bit laid back with overly deep soundstage and lots of air. Don't know about the Extrema but I think Satori may work well in your setup.
I agree with classicjazz that they're open and detailed, and I felt they were absolutely neutral. If you're looking for a cable to tame highs or add midrange bloom this is not your cable, but considering the components you mentioned I'd think the Satoris are a must audition. Best of luck.

My satoris run between Bryston electronics and Soliloquy speakers. All good, not bright, largely character-free in my experience. My Tara cables were a bit warmer, and that was nice in some ways, but I have no regrets about going Zen.