What's the best and/or favorite piece of equipment you've owned? And do you still own it?

My favorite piece(s)  are  (and I still own them) the Martin Logan Ethos lousdpeakers and Soudsmith Paua cartridge.  As far as speakers go, electrostats are my favorite and will replace them with another set of electrostats.  I'm currently eyeing MUR Audio SP1's.  These two pieces make my rig sound great.  
Oh yes MC, Joe Weber at Corner Audio. Spent lots of money there, Joe got me into high end audio.

Those were the days! Joe was one of the very best. He was great like that. Let you alone to listen. As good as his stuff was, you couldn't help but get hooked. 

In those days I would go to Portland a couple times a year. Must have visited every high end store along the five from Seattle to Portland. Wish I could remember the tube amp Joe had, and the rest of the system, it was superb. Absolutely superb. And people talk about the room, it was a cube! A freaking cube! Horrible dimensions! Yet he got wonderful sound. So there!
To get some idea how good his system was, my wife got dragged along (it was her family in Beaverton) and that first time we heard the Model 10 speakers on the drive home she asked me if we could buy them. They were $2500, and I had just spent $1700 on speakers not a year before. They were that good.

My Decware Rachel integrated. At low levels, that thing was sweet as hell. The midrange was to die for. I wish I had kept it instead of selling to upgrade. 
Original Rogers LS3/5a 15 ohm , purchased new in 1975.  Sold in mid 90s along with all my other equipment to raise cash to start a business.  Ted to see them go, but the business was the best decision I ever did.  I could buy them back, many times over, but, kind of like the high school sweetheart- reality probably not as good as the memories.
Linn LP-12. It still makes music.
Lafayette KT-550 tube power amp for one.  It was built in the 50s and still kicks the ass of most any amps I have ever heard even in stock form.  Other than that, the large Ohm Walsh I had in college playing dark side of the moon.  After that it is all the products I build.

Happy Listening.