What's happening with Piega?

Does anyone have any news on the the status of the US distributor for Piega? Are they going to continue US sales? If so, why haven't they dealt with this problem? If not, does this mean Piega owners are left without warranty, service, or parts?
call steve davis , the importer of piega, at hififarm
It's a mystery really. No one at Piega wants to give any answers, but I would not assume you are without warranty. The guys at Piega are the real deal, and I don't see them hanging anyone out to dry.

As far as the COST of warranty service, it may be prohibitive for us on the wrong side of the pond. Then again, I know a ton of people with Piegas, and none have had issues unless they did something stupid like POURING Walker SST on the binding posts. LOL!
Steve Davis is difficult to reach and doesn't return emails or voice messages. Why should he? He's no longer the official distributor and hasn't been for many months. I don't doubt Piega of Switzerland is reputable. However, without a reputable US distributor, owners are S.O.L. This is quite disturbing. Piega makes an outstanding product that needs outstanding US representation. Without it, one might as well buy speakers from the back of a white van. There is one owner who was looking for a replacement ribbon tweeter. One of his got damaged (unknown cause). His speakers are still under warranty. I've not heard whether he's gotten one or not, but was having a lot of difficulty contacting Steve Davis. Should have only taken a single call. It's inexcusable.
OJGALLI - I have been told by a reliable source that Steve Davis is no longer in representing Piega and in fact, is no longer in operation at HiFi Farm, which certainly might be the explanation for your being unable to contact him. I won't get into the reasons I was given for this, as I cannot confirm them, but I too have customers that have been unable to contact HiFi Farm for several weeks now. Looks like the best bet for help is to email the manufacturer directly until a US Distributor is announced.
I have emailed Piega Switzerland directly, I've known since late last year that Davis was no longer the distributor. Piega has responded with "please be patient," and that it's been more difficult than anticipated to find a new distributor. It sounds like a very good idea for Piega owners to hit them with a pile of emails¬ólight a fire under them.
I cannot imagine that one couldn't get a tweeter from Piega. The company, even the executives, have always been amazingly responsive when I've e-mailed them for any reason. If the alleged owner registered his speakers with Piega, I'd find it hard to believe that they aren't going to be taken care of if the issue was a manufacturing one.

Piega has been tremendous at keeping the lines of communication open with us US Piega owners. Sanibel Sound/QS&D in Virginia is currently handling all Piega questions, problems, etc.
Piega does in fact have a new US distributor, Audiophile Systems, Ltd. Audiophile Systems will assume all sales and customer service responsibilities nationwide.