What recomendation would you give me ........

for an interconect (RCA to RCA) that is at least 10-12 feet long and attaches my ARC LS25 pre-amp to the ARC VT100mkll.

I am currently using MIT 330 (about 1000 years old....joking...10 years?) and would love to learn what you would recommend for this and application.
You are using the same line stage and amp as me and I currently have a 3 meter pair of diamond with really excellent results.Am looking to upgrade but haven't found anything that compairs for the money.Want to try the Zen silver or maybe Pgs gold as they are both very good.Good luck and happy listening........
How Much $$$?

Good point......I would love to get something used or on the audiogon, but I am willing to go 500-600???? (or less if possible.) I hear quite a bit about Zen.....are they new?
I currently use a 3 meter Ensemble Dynaflux, and I used to use a Transparent Ultra XL between my LS-15 and VT100 Mk III. Both sound great, the Transparent is usually available used for a good price.
Try out some Cardas Golden Cross lengths !
I'll second Cardas Golden Cross
I have it balanced between an ARC ls 2 mk ii and a ard d 200

it is great and sounds much better than the arc interconnect

check out Cardas Golden Reference or Acoustic Zen
both pricey so that length might be cost prohibitive

the Golden Cross is very natural and revealing and fit into my reasonable budget better