What preamp would you mate to your Rogue M180's?

Any opinions? Currently itching to try a new tubed preamp. Had a McIntosh C2300 with good tubes, but it was a little flat. My McCormack ALD-1 Platinum sounds outstanding, but I would like to try another tubed pre. Others I have had in the system: EE Minimax w/NOS tubes (a little rounded off); ARC LS26 (but not with the Rogue; it did sound outstanding).

Any good mates with the Rouge? I know they make some outstanding high-end preamps, but they are impossible to find for a demo locally.
ARC ls26 (again), Cary SLP98 F-1 or SLP-05, Modwright 36.5, VTL 5.5, Conrad Johnson (any of them!).

I love ARC gear, with almost anything.
I'm very happy with the BAT 3iX/Rogue M-180 combination. The BAT has survived several bouts of upgraditis. I do wish it had the nicer interface of the more expensive BAT preamps. I'm currently using all EH tubes in the 3iX.
ARC has a very clean sound the proverbial wire with (plenty of) gain. I v found BAT has a similar sound but if you like ARC why not stick with it?
I personally love the rich/full highly 3D sound of 6SN7s and found Cary to be my cup of tea. If you want to get a sense of what the Cary sound is like on the cheap, see if you can get an AES AE3 most any version. Roll the 6SN7s to older NOS or OS tubes to get the best sound.
I have a Rogue 99Magnum preamp driving M180s and sounds fine. I like the variable gain feature on the preamp too.
My response is a little late. I have used the Aesthetix Calypso with nos tubes with the M180 for two years and have really enjoyed them. No desire to change.
I'm intending to use the Bryston BP26 Preamp.
What do you think of this solid state / valve combination? Joseph

All the Rogue monoblocks's 120's 150s' and 180's have a very high input impedance and very high gain, they are a great match for a passive preamps and do not need any active preamplification at all.

You may even have the problem of them being already too loud at 9 o'clock volume with an active preamp, because of the amount of gain the 180's have.

Try this first for just $49 and save a stack of money and potentially have a more transparent sound than any active preamp can give.

Cheers George
Well my Audible Illusions m3a sounds great with my 120's.