What pre/power amp for jm lab Mezzo's

Own a pair of jmlabs Mezzo running a Krell intergrated amp 400xi, just wondering what other people are using with what results, would like to move up to class A,any sugestion, I like Krell or Mark Levinson thanks for any feed back.
I'm not a JM Labs owner or dealer, but based on the dozen or so times I've sat down and listened to JM Labs speakers in my opinion they sound best with tube amps. If you're determined to stay with solid state, I'd suggest Levinson over Krell, and possible alternitives include Accuphase and Pass Labs Aleph series or current generation equivalent.

I have Ayre K-5Xe preamp and V-5Xe power amp with the JM Labs Diva BE and I just love the sound. Might want to give this combo a try.
Ok, not really up to date with tube design I have read that tube can lack bottom end slam, is it better to go for hybrid design, what the best brands for money (second hand)do you use tube pre with these, I am open to experiment, what your thoughts
I feel hybrids are the way to go. They achieve a natural balance and sound, along with great slam. I use Kora Aries monoblocks with my JM Labs and the synergy is like I have never heard before. Simply fantastic amplifiers. But they aren't common and don't get the press they deserve (at least in the USA).
I owned 3 JM labs including the Mezzos, always found solid state amps to be too harsh on the titanium tweeter, especially the Krell 400xi. Try the Mcintosh MA2275 or Airtight, or even the Jadis DA60 used if its within your budget. All 3 amps will easily drive the mezzo unless your room is too large.
I would agree at times the tweeter can be a little harsh in mine and supoose that what I am trying get away from, I have'nt heard a lot about Mcintosh are they any good as I rememeber sombody bagging them once,that has stuck in my head for some reason I normaly dont try to think that way,
McIntosh on JM Labs is always magical. I have loved that combo for years.

Can McIntosh can be converted to 240v what are some models to kept a eye out for.