Infinity 2.6 Intermezzo specs and sound...

Just wondering how low do these puppies go? ALso...imaging,soundstaging, and transparency abilities...are they a little "hot" in the treble?
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They sound very good and are not "hot" in the treble." They also go suprisingly deep for such a small speaker thought that is what 250 watts a speaker will do. I'd get something like the audio note 25 watt amp for the tweeters something like the Arcam CD player and enjoy high quality sound. I kept them for my rear surrounds and the towers for the fronts.
They sound a bit bright in my room with a Creek 5350SE, Grace F9E-L cartridge, and, especially, CEC CD player. I tame them somewhat with interconnects. Otherwise, they are detailed and the bass is substantial for a small system, although it benefits from using the RABOS system to tune the bass. (Be careful with RABOS. On my sample, the supplied adjustment tool was too big for the adjusting screw heads, and I could not get an accurate "click reading" until I used a tiny hobby screwdriver instead of the tool.)
I remember being at Soundtrack Audio (low, Mid and high end walmart superstore type place) when not long after these first came out, the sales rep was hooking th3em up to break them in, he used a spare Krell amp to fire them up.

Man those speakers smoked. I mean i was impressed. Not so much the clarity and stuff, they just sounded very sharp and commanding. An immense presence.

they are on my rediculously long list of speakers i would like to own some day.
This thread is long dead, but in case anyone is looking at these, I acquired a pair of these and the subs. For the money (now being blown out as refurbished units on Ebay) with a pair of the 1.2s subs (also being blown out), I don't think anything can come close to the sound they offer for the money.
I purchased a Intermezzo 1.2S subwoofer brand new in box, but perhaps it was refurbished? I do not know or care so long as the speaker plays well. But this unit crapped out on me after a few weeks. I think I will return it for full refund and go with a more reliable subwoofer. One point, when it was working the woofer did sound well.