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Eggestonworks Andria 1
Thank you both for your reply will look into.kel 
Magnepan 20 vs Sanders 10c
I made special 7hr trip to listern to a pair of Sanders and was very disapointed consider what read,I could listern to more than a couple tracks of Patrica Barber night club. I gave them a second chance a couple days latter on our way home, as I w... 
Cones for REL sub
Thanks, I will give him a ring, it was new, double checked box 
REL G2 or JL Audio F112 ..thoughts for 2 channel
So what did we end up going Rel or JL,are you happy?How do you intergrate a JL in to two way system comared to the Rel as you connect to your speaker terminals! 
Can anyone recommend a transmission line subwoofer
HiI came across TBI, from what I have read they are tramission line as Iam looking for a pair for my magenpan 3.7,I am am going to check out Wisdom Audio also.Thanks 
Sub's for Magenpan 3,7
No I wasn't, I also came across brand called TBI, they also look very intersting will have a look at the Magenpan site at there subs also and check other recomedation givenThanks 
Sub's for Magenpan 3,7
Iam currenty using Mye stands change the fuses and using vahalla jumpers, I strugling to be happy.Tb subs have come up on my search any comments,I am loss and struggling to get these to sound there best.Podeschi I will send you a PM thanks for that. 
Sub's for Magenpan 3,7
Thank you all, very helpful information I will start the search for subs, hopfully I will be happy with outcome, The Maggies are not bad on there own but looking a for little morejust not right at this stage.Thanks again 
Speaker Rake
First sorry for my opening,was trying to edit my post and hit send in stead.The setup is like fourplay its half the fun, you have to put in the ground work so as to experiance climax!I am going to look into the lazer, thats a good idea can be used... 
Hi Rez and music down loads, where to buy
I have just read also by using Pay Pal you can get around it, I will check out them other sites listed to, a few I hav'nt come across so that will be good.Thanks 
Hi OldmandaveI have there processor and five channel amp, couldn't be happier, as Rayray8 said great for home theater, that whats mine is solely for!Excellent built quality, looks great and yes great service. 
UMC-1 User Review
Good to hear your happy just ordered one my self,on papaer they have all that I want, from a processor, next step is to buy one of there surround amps in the comming weeks, just tossing up which one!Thanks for the review 
Single Ened or Balanced Pass Labs
Bugger me!Looks like Iam going to have to harvest another organ, are they realy that good , the Indra's, what a resonable price second hand to offer someone?ThankK_rose 
DACs with volume control ?
Hi I have a MSB Dac every bit as good if not better then when I was using a Pass Labs X1 pre, would higly recommend!Thanks 
Transports and Dac's mix and match Brands
Neal Can you tell whats differance between 217 and the 218, I very impressed with the 217 at the moment as I only have it been suppied by a older modelRotel at the moment and a very cheap rca I had down in the back shed, I like CEC as transport bu...