What power cord with your ARC AR VS 115?

What after market power cords are you using with your AR ARC VS 115 amp? Due to the design, not all after market IEC 20A connectors work. If anyone out there has found a cord that makes a sonic difference and fits below the fuse connector, I would love to know. Thanks,
I asked ARC about aftermarket powercords when I owned one of their amps, after discussing it with them I kept their power cord - they don't sound like the believe it makes any difference if you have enough guage, which the factory supplied power cord does. Not the only time I have heard an amp manufacturer with the very same view of power cords. I had to convince Music Reference to add an IEC pigtail to my $10,000 RM9 SE - he did it, but I think he was humoring me. I have never been able to hear a difference between PCs with well designed amps (CAT JL2, QS V4s, Pass XA30-5, or my Music Reference RM10 and 9SE). I do think you could get a poorly made PC that might compromise performance, but the one that comes from ARC isn't. You should read what Mike Sanders of Quicksilver said in a recent interview with Sam Tellig about power cords, after you do, you might by a power cord from Mike Sanders for $15 or so, but I'm sure has this figured out already.
I am running ARC stock cords as well. I would be willing to try some of the things out there but I have chosen to spend dollars in other places.

When I owned the VS-115 I tried two cords that my ARC dealer lent me but preferred it with the stock cord in my system.
Hi Shuteye....still looking, I see. I have to say, the stock ARC cords are quite good. I've borrowed them and used them on other gear, and they bested the other stock cords from many other companies...if you do ever find anything let us know.
Thanks for all the input, guys. Chashas1, howdy again. You are right, I'm still looking. From the input you all are giving me, I may end up wasting money. The amp sounds great, but I just can't help but wonder - more quiet space between notes, more definition, better soundstage? - just by adding a power cord. Maybe I am an idiot led astray by all the power cord hoopla.

Regarding AC power, I do know that plugging amp and preamp into a PS Audio Power Plant Premier made a significant difference, as did swapping the stock PS Audio cord for a DCCA Reference Master. But then, the PC that came with the PPP was not of the same weight as the PC that came with the AR.
BTW Pubul57, you have owned some very nice equipment! Your input is valued, as it is a voice with far more experience to draw from than mine. Your input really has me thinking about kicking back and being satisfied with the factory cord. It definitely will be money saved.
I am a stickler for stock power cords. In fact I was disappointed when I learned Audio Research was installing IEC sockets since hard wired is a better connection and as far as I am concerned, the original power cord is the right power cord.

Mike Sanders is a great designer and a smart man. Mike recommends staying away from the Chinese power cords and he claims the U.S. made cords sound much better. I have owned several of Mike's amplifiers in the past. Everytime the power cord was changed on one of his amplifiers the sound was degraded.
I'll second any positive comment regarding Mike Sanders. I still own a pair of Silver Mono 90's that have served trouble free for 18 years or so. Two years ago I called QS to inquire about retubing and Mike himself answered the phone. Very relaxed and informative.

"Two years ago I called QS to inquire about retubing and Mike himself answered the phone. Very relaxed and informative."

This is what "High End Audio" is all about.
I would recommend taking a look at Mojo Audio power cables. They're relatively inexpensive and have replaced cables costing as much as $7k. Send me an email if you have any questions. But I guarantee they'll beat the stock cords on the ARC amps, as I've done the demo personally on two systems.

"But I guarantee they'll beat the stock cords on the ARC amps,"

Does that mean you will give Shuteye his money back if he doesn't like the Mojo cables?
Thanks for the recomendation, Mintzer. Unfortunately, on the VS115, the fuse holder endcap protrudes from the back of the amp right above the IEC receptacle. This prevents large, round cord ends such as Furutech and others, such as the one used on Mojo Audio cords from fitting all the way into the IEC receptacle. That's my primary reason for this post as not any cord will do, unfortunately. Otherwise, I would be happy to experiment, as interconnect/speaker cable/cord swapping is cheap enough to become addictive.
Of course I'd give him his money back if he doesn't like the cables. We have a nice return policy. But we are yet to have a cable returned. Both our interconnects and power cords are not just the best value, but the best cords I've used. And I've used everything under the sun. Though Interconnects no longer make a difference on my system.

Shuteye, we can fit any connector on the amp end you would like. We can certainly build one that would fit your amps. Let me know and I will speak with Ben about it for you if you would like.
I'm a bit dense, Rrog. Mintzar, I didn't realize you were plugging your own product. You really should make that clear when you make statements regarding how good Mojo Audio products are. A simple disclaimer would keep you on the up and up. That said, your product looks good, and in these ecomomic times, I can't blame you for wanting move all product you can. I mean this sincerely.
I apologize. Mojo Audio is not MY product. I am a friend of the designer and a customer. He allows me to distribute his cables, but I in no way do this for a living. I am merely "advertising" the cables from the standpoint of how much of a positive impact they made in my system and every system I have demoed them in. They are one of those products that I found randomly and was extremely skeptical about, but ended up buying enough for my whole system. And as it turned out most of the people who buy the cords do the same. I helped advance the design of the cables, but I am more of a happy customer than a salesman of the cables.

I apologize for the miscommunication.
Mintzar, thanks for the explanation. I can understand your enthusiasum. It's all good! I've bookmarked Mojo Audio's website, as the product looks good, and at good prices.
If you decide to get something let me know, I might be able to talk Ben into getting you a fairly good discount on the prices listed on the website. No promises though.