What is the best pressing of Ravel's Bolero

I'd like people's opinions about what they think is the best LP pressing of Ravel's Bolero and why.

I thank you in advance for your input.
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I posted this question once before and got about the same information, Pkemery. I have two copies, both very nice, but different. I enjoy each. When I get home to night I will list their "particulars".

In th emenatime here is one that was suggested to me which I haven't found to buy as yet.

"Pierre Monteux, conducting the London Symphony Orchestra, on Phillips, Stereo 835 258 LY"
Ok, the first I have is:
Eugene Ormandy/Philadelphia Orchestra: Columbia Records; MS7673. It has Massenet-LeCid and Falla - Three Cornered-Hat on the flip side.

The second is London Festival Orchestra conducted by Stanley Black: London Phase 4 recording; SPC21003. It has Borodin - Polovtsain Dances on the flip side.

Both of these are well recorded with the Phase 4 recording being slightly "drier". I enjoy the performance on the Ormandy a bit better, too.

Hope this helps.
You haven't lived until you've heard the Cluytens version on EMI. Cluytens was Ravel's favorite conductor (although a Belgian), and the recording was made in the early '60's, when French orchestras still really sounded French. It's unique--the winds and brass don't sound like this on any more modern recording--and very well recorded. There have been a number of reissues over the years, and there is a wonderful '90's audiophile reissue, although I'm afraid it's in a 4-record box of Ravel's orchestral music.
4yanx & Mgottlieb

I thank you much - now I'm on a search for your suggested versions
By far...IMHO is the Stanislaw Strowaezewski and the Minnesota Orchestra Ravel Works on Vox QSVBX5133. Get it and listen!!!
Pierre Monteux, conducting the LSO is my favorite so far,although the copy I have is the Festivo series(6570 092) made in Holland 1964, only one I have been able to find. I haven't heard them all but I love Monteux's interpretation.