phono stage for VPI Traveler w/ 2m blue

Thanks for your advise in advance.
I have a Creek OBH 18 which is giving some hum and Rf noise. Cables are KAB Jazz & Blues. I put together a budget office system and now have the disease to eliminate the small annoyances, I know it won't end anytime soon. I would like some advice on replacing the phono stage in within a budget of 500-600. Music is primarily rock, alt, pop jazz.

VPI Traveler w/ 2m blue
Peachtree Decco 65
Wharfedale 10.1
California Audio DX1 cd
I had a Sim Moon LP3 Phono Preamplifier that was reasonable in price and was dead quiet. They can be found for much less than 500.00. Read the reviews and I think you could use it in your system. Hope this helps. Steve
Jolida JD9 is tough to beat at this price
I would suggest a used Dynavector P75. Very flexible. Very sweet sounding.
Second the Dynavector P75.... I just love mine.. It is Fast and Dynamic with punchy bass and great detail... Very much like listening to LIVE music.
A used Graham Slee ERA Gold V is a fantastic sounding phono preamp, very transparent, natural, dynamic, absolutely no noise.
Thanks All,
This is a vicious circle... do I spend a bit more ? Graham Slee Reflex, Whest Two.

I'll end the search soon.
The Bellari 130 is a nice tubed phono stage. I have one for an Ortofon Black and enjoy the sound.
Jasmine lp2 mk ll.
Another fan of the P75 here. Super if later you move to LOMC due to its Phono Enhancer mode for LOMC carts.

The Jolida and especially the Jasmine get a lot of love here, but I have heard neither.
Thanks for all the insight, it really helps a newb. I bought a used keen from an agon member. hope it's great, if not the problem is me i guess.
A heed is what I ended up with. Sorry for the mis post
I purchased a used Heed Quasar from a gent here on Audiogon. I can't be more pleased with the what I am able to hear. The Heed delivers a bigger, bolder, fuller sound which is mere detailed even at low volume. Now, how can I get sound like this from cd's ? I'm still a newb and loving it, does it ever stop ?

Thank You All
Quasar is a nice sounding unit. It moves toward the warmer side of the SS spectrum. I think it may be best suited to medium .4 ish carts. Can't go wrong IMO.