Nojima Plays List and Ravel

The 2 CDs that Nojima has recorded "Nojima Plays List" and "Nojima Plays Ravel" seems to be defective although I can't seem to find anyone reporting this matter anywhere.

I'm not sure if it is the recording, the CD pressing or the particular batch of pressing I purchased recently.

There is a deep rumbling in the background that is pretty irritating and seems to be at it's worst with the later tracks of the Ravel recording. Sounds a bit like traffic noise. The rumbling is mixed with the natural piano resonance sounds and might not be obvious unless your system can play down very low.

Has anyone else noticed this problem?
I never noticed this on the LPs and just played the Ravel and also heard a copy at a friend's house. Plenty of low end heft. Don't have the CDs, though.
I read somewhere (perhaps in comments) that the LPs might be better than the CDs but the LPs are out of print at this time.

Yes, the CDs also have quite a bit of low end heft but in the quiet moments the rumbling is obvious.