What is the best DVD/CD player under $1000?

I have been deciding between the Denon 2900, Marantz 8400, and the Pioneer Elite 47AI. After all the discounts it seems as if I can get either one of them for about $500-$700. Or should I wait and get one with a DVI interface as my new Samsung DLP HDTV will have one. I would really appreciate any feed back as you guys have quite a bit of knowledge and seem to be ready to share.

The rest of my system consists of:

Mcintosh MX132 Pre/pro
Mcintosh MC7205
Vienna Acoustics Beethoven (fronts)
Vienna Acoustics (Maestro) (center)
Vienna Acoustics (Waltz) (rear surrounds)
Velodyne HGS12 II (sub)



I know the Pioneer 47AI is better than the 47 which proceeded it, I compared the Pioneer 47 and my Sony DVPS 9000 ES which is much better overall so I bought the Sony. You may want to include the Sony on your list.
A Muse Model 9 would be a good choice used. They are jus over a thousand on average. Outstanding t redbook CD playback. Built like a tank. Muse also has a pretty good upgrade policy if you eventually want to step up. I just sold mine, but there are a few others currently available on A'gon last time I checked. Just another option.

The Denon 2900 has been getting bad reviews in the Absolute Sound and The Perfect Vision but I have not heard it myself.
samsung dlp performs best with dvi vs component. i was seriously considering the samsung dlp last summer and numerous reviews stated this.

that being said, you may want to audition lower priced dvi equipped dvd player such as bravo d-1 or the samsung 931?, and purchase seperate universal player. i've heard that denon 2200 is almost identical to 2900. check out avs forum for lots of info on all these products. last time i checked, their rptv forum was pretty much devoted to the samsung dlp's

aloha keith

Sony 9000 is unbeatable if you get it modded by Richard Kern at Audiomod and then use cardas cuboids in strategic locations to tune the resonance characteristics of the unit. I also use Walker points and discs. I would rather listen through this player set up as is than just about any CD or SACD player that I have heard. Use the cardas cuboids under all components and on top and especially on power supplies. If you're interested I will send you a picture of what I have found to be the optimal configuration for most components and powerr supplies. You have not heard your system till you try this very inexpensive tweak. I have come to think that almost all the variations in sound that we have come to accept as intrinsic to a manufacturers line is just the in house resonance signature that can then be tuned for system compatibility.