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Usher speakers/prices?
also try fred at katli audio. the best dealer i know. freat guy, great deals. great ear. 909-465-0222aloha keith 
Demoing speakers in LA area?
i'm a customer of all three dealers above and they are all great. upscale has the biggest selection. call him see what he reccomends then go in for a listen. brooks and randy cooley are awesome, although brooks usually has guys hanging around that... 
$1000 used amp. What can I buy?
you can find a used bat vk200 below $1200. great amp. i use it to drive vandersteen 3a's. like upper midfi said. if you buy here and don't like it, sell it.aloha keith 
Which budget SS amps use least Global Feedback?
bat vk-200 
foreign lyrics -------do you care?
most of the time i don't pay attention to english lyrics either. i know i should, but i treat vocals the same as any other instrument and don't pay attention to the words. always done that even when i was a kid. aloha keith 
New at this....why run video through processor?
all your assumptions are correct.aloha keith 
new at this
do you have access to demo other amps/sources/cables? i would try to see what's causing the problem before investing any cash. home demo, buddies, local audio clubs could provide you an opportunity.aloha keith 
Is the Denon DVD-2910 a Good DVD Player???
one of my aquantances is a reviewer for the perfect vision, and has told me that the 2910 is a giant killer at it's price point. competes with almost anything below 4k in both audio and video. this was a couple of months ago.aloha keith 
One of the best tweeters ever, whatever happened?
funny you should ask. at our audio club meeting last week, we auditioned some home built speakers that had the lineaum tweeters. everyone loved them, good stuff. in the discussion that followed, it was mentioned that lineaum had been sold to radio... 
Jolida 302B with B&W Natalius 804
my room is 18'x14' fairly dead. (a carpeted bedromm with a king bed and room treatments). i have used the 302b with my vandersteen 3a sigs (87db,6ohm). blasted gladiator soundtrack to extreme levels with no problem. if your situation is similiar, ... 
Ayre CX7
freaky,i just received my cx-7 back from ayre. i have a b series (early model) and the upgrade cost $650 because they had more to do. according to steve ayre customer relations dude, "The B series requires a fair amount of upgrades to be brought t... 
Thanks to Agon members and Agon staff.........
i also love the audiogon gang. i have had several members contact me on their own to help with my system and being a relative newbie appreciate their efforts. i've also been contacted by audiogon to help with my email problems all unsolicited. i'm... 
Can I use the BFA style plugs on Vandersteens?
vandersteen speakers (not subs) only accept spades as far as i know. i own 3a sigsaloha keith 
Review: Ridge Street Audio Poiema Interconnects
ditto. i love my poiemas.aloha keith 
Cables for Richard Gray conditioner
I have a 600s that i use with richard gray's high tension wire pc. it is more transparent/detailed than the stock pc which is pretty good. i'd say about a 5-10% improvement. good with a neutral or warm system. i haven't tried any other pc's with t...