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have you had success with using to enhance your listening experience? This is more of a light hearted one to pass some time, not to say it makes me any less curious. As long as it works good it deserves a mention. 

Filled with water or sand it looks like this listener might be on to something..   http://www.canuckaudiomart.com/details/648979705-dynaudio_special_25_speakers_and_stands/images/4032...

I'm going with house plants. Having WAF has to count for something too. 
House plants are indeed excellent room treatments, I used them for years in my living room system.
I've been using these Ikea cutting boards as isolation platforms.  They work just as well as my maple boards at like 1/5th of the price.  Just flip them over.  They're flat on the bottom.

Highly recommended!


Here is a great idea using these and some iso blocks:

Strategically placed furniture such as book cases (w/books), plants, and wall hangings. Rugs, of course.
Vertical blinds and window blinds in general.

Heavy massive old school solid oak coffee table to place gear on (including turntable) rather than manufactured audio rack.
Bowls filled with cold water obviously.
Magic Eraser - great stylus cleaner
I forgot about the chopping blocks, I have a few of those myself. Purchase of one cross laminated maple 2" thick cutting board $19. Price of same board labelled as amp platforms in a boutique shop $199.

Armor all can make badly scratched cds sound new again. If they skip it works well providing the scratches aren't too deep.