What has happened to Taddeo?

Anyone know what has happened to Taddeo? Their web site Taddeo-Loudspeaker.com doesn't work anymore. Anyone have a phone number or email address where I can contact them?
The number I have is 716-473-9076, but it is disconnected. This is surprising since the phone number I have was printed at the bottom of the paperwork which was included with the Antidote Two I received today.

They have changed their name to Taddeo Group, and can be found at www.taddeodigital.com. I have just received their Antidote II and would recommend it for those that are tired of the "digital" sound but not willing to sacrifice resolution or clarity.
The new phone number is 585.586.6263 and fax 585.586.6390
I have to say that my most memerable nights working part time at the Sound Works in Rochester was talking to Tony Taddeo about speakers.We both agreed that silk domes ruled.I haven't seen Tony in a number a years.His antadote (the active one) sounded great.Just thought I'd add that..
Unfortunately, Tony has passed away.
Jim Anthon embezzled $70,000 from them while Tony was in the hospital with a stroke. I hold Anthon largely responsible for Tony's death. I know because Tony and I commiserated about this crook.